July 2, 2013 Daily Journal Blog

Wow, it is already day two, and I feel like the time is just flying by!  Last night I mixed and mingled in the Castle with the 1st and 2nd year Cohorts for the Masters of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication.  What an inspiring place to study.  I can’t get over how I feel hear.  Is this a dream.  … Read More

July 1, 2013 Daily Journal Blog

What a glorious day!  The nerves of meeting new people was somewhat subsided the night before at the social gathering at the local pub, and yet, preparing for the introduction of myself with my newly painted tree created a curious anxiety in my body.  What would they think of me?  Do I dare fully be myself?  I decided to take … Read More

My story is Little Mountain’s, my journey is to clean it up!

I came across a pile of garbage that was unnecessarily placed at the bottom of a majestic Little Mountain.  Darcy B’s homework from only a month earlier was laying next to me. It brought me to tears.  Then the Mountain spoke to me.  This is what he said: Darcy B. Darcy B.  why is your homework beneath the trees? Is … Read More

Daily Learning Journal June 26

June 26th, 2013 Well, I guess it isn’t exactly Daily yet.  I am still getting into the routine of not only plugging in, in the morning and at night, but also intentionally making time to do my homework and make sure that I am on track. I am reading “Ecological Identity” by Michell Thomashow for my EEC 500 class, and … Read More

“Let ’em Play” by Jamie Black

If you have ever heard Jamie play the guitar or present, she uses Johnny as a metaphor for all young children and their right to play.  Jamie dedicates this song to an old professor named Alan Chin, who taught her to teach with her Head, Hands and Heart… he would say “You can’t show them what you know until you … Read More

Close your eyes and keep your mind wide open

  My Sacred Space has been the same for years in my mind, the same meandering trail through the trees that opens up to a beautiful field, with a mountain, waterfall and caves.  This is my sancuary, I come here when I need to solve a problem, be at peace, learn, grow or simply be.  It brings such adventures.  I used … Read More

Childhood Nightmare to Shamanic Enlightenment

As I open my old Journal from February 26, 2010, I am tickled to reflect on the experiences I had back then.  I was so in-the-moment.  I drew an image of my naked self crouching down infront of a wolf, being licked on the face.  I remember that moment of Aha, clear as day, when I realised that my fears … Read More

Finding Home in Spirit

A journey for 6 weeks with a man I barely knew was a big step.  I knew I was supposed to be safe, because he had the title of Dad.  I was confident in my own abilities to travel, problem solve and make good judgement calls in sticky situations… but you never know what to expect when going travelling with … Read More

Where intention met spirit

Throughout my life I have been searching for a spiritual path to follow. Once in college, I spent some time with a friend who is Christian, and joined her in Bible studies, and sing-alongs. I felt the goose bumps, and sensed a real spirit with that group, yet I felt like it wasn’t from my heart, or my language. Years … Read More

Hello world!

Thank you for joining me on my journey through this spiritual life. This blog is my journal for recording the steps I am taking on my spiritual path.  Join my in my adventure be inspired, and inspire. In Spirit Jamie Black