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of the illegal dumping prevention movement
A children’s production curated by Jamie Black and friends

Illegal dumping is illegal for a reason. It is dangerous, harmful to the environment and not acceptable.

Maybe this isn’t a common-sense thing yet, which is why we are producing a performance for children to generate a personal connection with the Earth, so that in the future, they will take care of it.

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Every Wednesday at 7 PM PST

Jamie Black brings you live to the studio where you get to witness, offer input and see the process unfold, FOR FREE!

Want to engage? We need original project-specific Art, Music, Dance, Production, Promotion, Videography, Photography, On-going Feedback, Help with Promotion, Some opportunity for auditions and Final Production tech, end of March 2021.

Learn by doing, have fun with a purpose in a live-streamed curation process with Digital Story Producer Jamie Black MA

Want to join in? Here’s what you can do:

1. Watch for FREE at 7pm PST RIGHT HERE at Wild Craft Play

2. Book a 30 minute call with Jamie to see if you can benefit from a more in-depth personalized experience with an individual or a whole group: live zoom calls, presentations, interactions and submission of art, music, choreographed dance pieces, sound effects and more.

3. Learn how to curate your own piece through Shadow Play, Song and Story.

  • Experience your own self-paced online journey and purchase each session or buy the whole package for less than half the price and learn as we go.
    $17 for 1 recorded video
    $170 for the entire 3 month curation journey
    *Live-streaming is only free when it’s live. The videos are then taken down.


Wednesday Weekly Content related to:

Illegal Dumping, Digital Story Production, Curation, Shadow Show, Arts, Music, Dance, and Storytelling:

Dates & Topics:

Nov 25 – Introduction to the Project FOUND HERE

Dec 2 – Opportunities to Engage: Art, Music, Dance, On-going Feedback, Promotion, Production

Dec 9 – Overall steps from curation to completion

Dec 16 – Shadow show How To overview including lighting, sound

Special Holiday additions: promotions, budgeting, public service announcements

Jan 6 – Environmental Education – the issue of illegal dumping

Jan 13 – Effective storytelling – issue-based problem solving and influencing the public

Jan 20 – Shadowplay scene curation and transitions

Jan 27 – Call for creative input

Feb 3 – Audition for parts

Feb 10 – Self-care and rehearsal etiquette

Feb 17 – Digital promotion and marketing

Feb 24 – Tech rehearsal

Mar 3 – Dress rehearsal

Mar 10 – Performance

Mar 27 – Publish the final footage with Central Vancouver Island Elementary Schools and beyond
Lessons include cross-curricular content: Social Studies, English, Drama, Art, Music, Dance, Math, Entrepreneurship

The project goes until March 2021

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