Hire Jamie Black to present to your leaders

Life Lessons from a Nature Based Leader

1 – 3 hour presentation

$400 + travel

Teachings from Richard Louv and Ceren Caner’s research was shared, offering a strong spring board to launch a discussion of “what next.” Members were left with resources, activities and a new network of nature-based leaders.



Up to an 8 hour presentation/workshop, includes data, video, imagery, stories, group brainstorming sessions, experiential learning and song.

$900 + travel

Jamie Black offers a dynamic presentation of her thesis journey using footage and real-life experience as the sole researcher of the Wild Craft Play Case Study held at an independent school on Salt Spring Island. Her data collection experience presented a wealth of information, which has lead Jamie to analyze “How does Guided Discovery mentoring correlate with the level of engagement of children in play?” Walk the journey with Jamie, and share your thoughts on what you think the results of the research entail.


Tell a story using Wild Craft Play

Up to an 8 hour interactive workshop, includes demonstration of story telling using this dynamic, theatrical approach, role playing, experiential practice, group work, group discussions, and a chance to practice on the group.

$700 + travel

For as long as she can remember, Jamie Black has been a storyteller. After years of fine tuning and practicing, she has found that the MOST ENGAGING style of storytelling includes props, dynamic characterization (some would call clowning), role play and crowd involvement. This style can be used for almost any story, and all it requires is an imagination, and a handful of props that might be useful. Invite Jamie to share, teach and practice in the art of Wild Craft Play storytelling.

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