I woke up this morning knowing exactly where I was

2013-06-30 Daily Journal Entry

I woke up this morning knowing exactly where I was!  I was in my new little research hub, the motorhome.  I love this home!  It is a fabulous vessel for cultivating that which is most true and real to me.  With my music lightly playing, and my sleep slowly fading from my eyes, I go outside to the tap and put some what in my kettle.  What a hot commodity, good drinking water!

As I walk back to the moho, I watch a large grey squirrel scamper up one of the towing Douglas Fir trees that lines that side of my sleeping abode.  I smile to myself as I climb back inside the motorhome ready to light my propane stove.  Oh right, I need to turn on the propane.  Gosh, what a novel concept… travelling propane tank.  Although expensive to fill, having a travelling tank attached to the moho is most convenient.  Just a twist of the nob, then I hold the stove nozzle open for a short time, and vuala, the fire ignites, and I start my day with a delicious Mocha Mint loose leaf tea.  Ah the simple pleasures that I have learned to pack around with me.

I have learned that if I am going to exist in this vessel for three weeks of my residency, I will need to consider the grey water and black water tanks.  I have decided to use a container in the sink to catch all the access water for doing dishes, brushing teeth, and bird bath water, and dispose outside.  I use environmentally friendly suds, and know that soap only helps the plants grow!

Now I am organizing my binder for classes to start tomorrow, and then I will hunker down to read a couple of journals required for my class tomorrow.

I wonder what they will be about, here are their headings:

Chawla, L. (2006) ‘Research methods to investigate significant life experiences: review and recommendations’, Environmental Education Research, 12: 3, 359 — 374

Jones, V. (2007). Vanity Fair: The Unbearable Whiteness of Green. Huffington Post. Retrieved March 20, 2013  from: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/van-jones/vanity-fair-the-unbearabl_b_48766.html

Whitehouse, Hilary, and Evans, Neus (2010) “I am not a greenie, but”: negotiating a cultural discourse. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 26. pp. 19-31.

It seems that we are focusing on research techniques, including all colors, not just Greenies, and people’s defense against being a “Greenie.”  Interesting!  More to come!

Something else about having the luxury of camping out at a friend’s place in my moho, is that I first type this blog entry and save it, as I do not have internet access.  Then with my little travelling office, my laptop, I plug in online at Royal Roads, then upload what I have written.  Funny how I am still in the olden technologically challenged situation, and this is what I choose, over staying on campus for this residency.  That and riding my bike an hour each morning to class.  I love roughing it, it makes for a much more adventurous journey!

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