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 Wild Craft Play was crafted from the shoulders of giants since 2004.

The Story

Wild Craft Play started in 2008 when Jamie Black invented a game that melded strategy and role-play of video-games with real-world experiences in Nature and it was a 110% success. Listen to the story:

In 2004, Jamie Black was hired as a fun facilitator for a program for “youth at risk.” Jamie witnessed first-hand for nearly 3 years of what could happen if children fall through the cracks. Homelessness, drugs, incarceration, severe aggression, suicide, unemployment, poor hygiene, low literacy, low self-worth, self harm. The list goes on.

Coming from that experience, Jamie realized that the most impressionable years are ages 6-12, when children are encouraged to leave their nest, and explore new territory, community, personal interests.

After running arts, music, role-play and nature based programs for thousands of young people for many years, Wild Craft Play was born in 2008.

Like many, founder Jamie Black, wears many different… pairs of shoes.  Yes shoes.  (Not all skills require a hat).

Since 2000 Jamie has been an outdoor guide, consultant, Behavior Interventionist, Artist, Dancer, Singer-Songwriter, Producer, and Program facilitator. Supporting thousands of children, youth and families in their own life discoveries, Jamie is now offering a community of support for folks who wish to engage in nature and the arts as a form of preventative and therapeutic medicine with young people.

Jamie has always included council in programs, allowed conflict to be addressed, and integrated breathing practices. After two decades of witnessing the grief, the heart ache, stress, anxiety and depression, Jamie decided to integrate healing practices through modalities including Guided Drum Journeys, Earthing, EFT and Narrative Therapy.  It turns out that as much as children want to be wild rangers, they all want the skills to heal.

Since 2004, Jamie has offered programs, training, workshops and curated productions that lead children, youth and adults through life-altering adventures. As an Ecologically minded Social-Purposed visionary, Jamie has taken great pride in collaborating with organizations, businesses and community members providing quality services for children, youth and leaders in a variety of outdoor and adventure-based education and performing arts.

Wild Craft Play was born with a 110% success, and a craving to be, do and create more. The whole concept of child engaging play has grown since 2008 through direct study, constant feedback, and community collaboration. Jamie extends her gratitude for the community support that encouraged Wild Craft Play to become a school in 2017.

Through an evolution of program development and learning-by-doing, Jamie shares her skills from past experiences in outdoor play, the arts and shadow jam story productions with youth who might be “at-risk” to youth who are “outside the box” thinkers as well as training for people who work with youth.

Jamie focuses on leadership, team building, and many types of self-awareness skills, using a unique facilitation technique she calls The Hummingbird Approach, sprinkled with improvisational song and poetry crafting, local lore and story, ancestral teachings, all deeply rooted in a sense of place.

Through Jamie’s journey of graduating a Masters Arts in Environmental Education and Communication (aka Masters of Adventure).

Jamie is being called to offer her services in socially and ecologically-minded causes, especially ones that connect youth with the Earth, and with their own innate gifts.

While sharing this passion with children, youth and leaders, Jamie also writes, produces and generates community experiences through outdoor exploration, nature-based play, theatrical performance, art, music, and dramatic fun.

Jamie goes by HummingBard.



Statement from Jamie Black:
It has been an honor and a privilege to offer my services in the many ways over the years.  I am a servant to the greater powers that guide us on this path, and desire only to continue being of service in this way.  I have used nature and creative play as a medium to inspire body, mind and soul awareness since 2004 and intend on continuing with ease and grace. Now SoLe Adventure is turning into my Behavior Intervention arm with youth with Autism. A Little Bird Story Productions has taken off. As an Earth Advocate, I am building adventures that can positively impact the lives of all children. If you aren’t connected yet, come join the conversation at



Wild Craft Play ‘sCool desires to build a positive and wholesome relationship with fellow leaders, teachers, and community members to make a sustainable and memorable experience that leads to a larger network of opportunities and growth for influential play.

Click here to read Jamie Black’s Autobiography.

Now for proof of our existance…

Feb 2018 City of Nanaimo hired us to host Archery & Swordplay, it was a 110% success!

Dby J.R. Rardon – Parksville Qualicum Beach News

Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Nanoose Bay, Deep Bay, Bowser, Qualicum Bay, Coombs, Errington posted Oct 18, 2016 at 10:00 AM
A group of Qualicum Beach school children were recently found playing with matches in their schoolyard. Rather than reprimand them, their teacher encouraged and directed the activity. Click Here for more…


The Show: May 4th, 2016 – Ep. 112 – Shaw TV Nanaimo

Jamie visited Shaw TV to promote our UPCOMING Wild Fire Concert in the Park on May 28 at 8:00 pm. See the full show at the link above.

Adventure program for kids aged 6 to 12 an article in the May 5 Parksville Qualicum Beach News paper written by Lauren Collins.

This article describes the history of Wild Craft Play and how it has come to be what it is now, explaining guided discovery and how it effects the children.

See the full article here.

Click a link below for more about…


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