Host Your Own Wild Craft Play Game

Wild Craft PlayTM is a popular game played by children who are willing to be outside.

Parents, teachers and program leaders say that the art of bringing video-game concepts into real-life in the forest is brilliant. The fact that children are very engaged when playing outside is a bonus, and the fact that it is a model to enhance curriculum learning is amazing.

If you run Outdoor Programs, Camps, or Special Events, this game is effective at getting your children engaged, learning by doing, and having fun with a purpose.

Watch this honest interview to hear why Wild Craft PlayTM is so much fun.

“I can’t believe you created this, it’s the best of all three worlds! Playing in nature, being with friends AND it feels like a videogame in Real-Life!”

~ 11 year old from Masters Thesis Research, Salt Spring Centre School, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada


This concept is a model designed to be used in any group context to enhance the level of engagement of children.  Adults are required to learn how to facilitate the game using provided props, quests and resources. It has been run as summer camps, weekly outdoor programs, after school programs, and can even be offered as an epic 1-day family adventure.


In order to run this you need;

          Basic first aid

          A willingness to work with children outside

          Access to a field and forested area

          Access to a bathroom

          At least 8 children

          At least 2 hours each time you gather

Most adults with some experience of running outdoor activities will be confident they can teach all the tasks included in the game.


Some of the aspects of Wild Craft Play™ will be familiar to children who have played video-games. Whether you have experience with videogames or not, these strategy-based role-play scenarios can be learned quickly and easily. Partner videogame theories with Nature, quests and storytelling and you will develop skills without even realizing due to the true nature of engagement.

To date, we have hosted this program since 2008 in rural and inner-city regions, as camps and at festivals, for birthday parties and in school-based settings.


When you buy the Wild Craft Play™ Game Package. You will receive

          downloadable resources ready to edit, print and play

          training videos

          players guides

          gold coins

          access to online coaching

          basically everything you need to know so you can run Wild Craft Play™ yourself.

Join this growing community of Activity Leaders and Teachers worldwide who are running their own Wildcraft Adventures™ and having huge success with the game.


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