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Wild Craft LARP Club

A Summer Wild Craft Live Action Role Play Club offered 3 days a week, including archery and swordplay for ages 8 and up in Royston, BC. Click Here

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Watch for postings of our next Live Action Role Play for All Ages in Royston, BC. Click Here

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Watch for postings of our next Archery & Sword Play Tournament in Royston, BC. Stay tuned for this and other events. Click Here

Behavior Intervention

A 1-to-1 or group option for children with Autism and other varying needs in the Comox Valley. Click Here

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All private sessions sponsor learners of Wild Craft Play ‘sCool. Currently we offer Archery, Swordplay and Live Action Role Play for fun locally, as well as Private 1 to 1 Coaching and Apprenticeships available in-person or online (see below)

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Why we do this work

With over 20 years in the field as mentors, competitive coaches, a Masters in Environmental Education, and social and ecologically minded guides, we have come to understand that the Earth needs protection, and children have the opportunity to become stewards of the Earth. We believe that children need more than just a village to raise them.  They need nurturing, timelessness in Nature, gentle guidance and encouragement to make decisions as a group, practicing different layers of leadership and teamwork, collaboration and conflict resolution.  We facilitate life lessons through natural and theatrical play, and we encourage kindness and compassion.  When a child has what we call “a moment” they are encouraged to step away from the group and take some time to collect themselves, breathe, and regain composure with the Earth.  In our club we facilitate wholeness, and we invite you to support us.


*NEW* Wild Craft Play Membership
We created a membership to give folks something to hold onto, and engage in a way that is meaningful to you.
Your Membership includes;
– Discounts on club activities, training, tools, products and events
– Access to our Online Earth Guides Circle – this is for people who wish to stay connected, learn about Earth-conscious practices and outdoor leadership, receive coaching and mentorship, and connect with other members.
– Exclusive invitation to member only events
– First access to resources and seats
– Inside scoop on Curating Cleaner Water Chronicles
– It’s a $30 1 time Annual Fee paid by etransfer to
– With a 10 day trial period 


How the Summer Club Came to be

Early May Jamie, the founder of Wild Craft Play ‘sCool, inquired in a local Mom’s group if anyone would be interested in attending a summer club.  With 20 years in the field offering programs and adventures like this, and the past 3 years developing deep connection to these three venues, we thought this would be a great place to offer a club with intention.

The intention of this club is to allow for longer time spent connecting with the land, encouraging Place-Conscious practices, and igniting a sense of wonderment through imaginative and theatrical play.  We also wish to connect children with food and local First Nations elders if they would wish to come.

We were blessed to have 10 seats funded by a private donor, which has launched this summer’s adventure.

We still need funds to help cover the costs of facility rental, staff costs, food, resources and elder honoraria.  To give you an idea of what we are up to, here is our summer schedule.

Wish to become a Collaborator?

Our mission is to ignite a sense of wonderment and love for the Earth.  We keep our costs and efforts simple and affordable, with the intention of helping participants to become empowered and confident.

We honor that every collaborator prefers their own level of engagement when it comes to a return on their investment. 

We serve over 7000 followers on social media on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Long Term Collaboration

We have long-term capacity for co-branding to make money with a cause that is genuinely helping the Earth.

Short Term Collaboration

We also have short-term benefits through online interviews, cafe’s webinars and presentations.

If you prefer a straight Sponsorship Package, here is what we can offer:

What is Wild Craft Play anyway?

Wild Craft Play is a unique, original adventure platform crafted over 20 years by founder Jamie Black. It is designed for ages 8 and up because of the nature of requiring dexterity, executive functioning and group decision making skills. Wild Craft Play encourages leadership, teamwork, Earth-conscious practices, mindfulness and awareness of their surroundings. Fostering a connection to Earth through theatrical play and hopefully take care of the Earth.

We took aspects of board games, videogames and tabletop role-play games and turned it into a live quest outside. Some say “it’s like living in a storybook.” Where we are the characters, and the world is our quest. Your role is to be a Game Master like in Dungeons and Dragons, where you impart the next story, then say “now what?” and allow the adventure to unfold.

Wild Craft Play is an imaginary world where children go on quests, find and manage gold coins, build villages, save the world from impending doom, and sleigh a monster or two. Questers are guided to engage in youth-crafted creative story, hike in gumboots, climb trees, build shelters, make fires, role-play and shadow-story.

Mostly outdoor and higher-risk activities (such as fire-making, wood-carving, archery, biking and swordplay) in a world where monsters, quests and mystery overtake our imaginations, and we must survive the perrils of the World of Wild Craft Play.


~  Testimonials  ~


It is the magic of wonderment that ignites a sense of ownership, responsibility, inclusiveness and togetherness.Jamie Black

Wish to Book a Private Session?

Book a Group or Private session in, be sure to account for travel and setup time and costs.
  • Archery (min 2 hours, permit pending, in-person Central Vancouver Island and Neighboring Islands)
  • Sword Play (min 1 hour, in-person Central Vancouver Island and Neighboring Islands)
  • Live Action Role Play (min 4 hours, in-person Central Vancouver Island and Neighboring Islands, or Online Advising)
  • Shadow Play  Workshop (min 2 hours, in-person Central Vancouver Island and Neighboring Islands, or Online Advising)
  • Curating Cleaner Waters Presentation (min 20 min, in-person Central Vancouver Island and Neighboring Islands, or Online)
  • Leadership & Facilitation (min 2 hours, in-person Central Vancouver Island and Neighboring Islands, or Online)
  • Running your own Adventures (on-going 1-to-1 Coaching, in-person Central Vancouver Island and Neighboring Islands, or Online Advising)
Where? In your neck of the woods, Royston or Online. (2 weeks notice, stipulations may apply)

Adventure Questing meets many objectives of teambuilding, leadership, Nature Connection, Conflict Resolution, Group Decision Making and more.  With 20 years in the field, founder Jamie Black tailors your needs and facilitates a story using…

swords, gold coins, live-action storycrafting and the magical elements of Earth to ignite a sense of wonderment.

Min age 8, Max age 88
Min # of 4, Max # of 25 – all able bodied required, willing to support social and emotional
2 – 4 hrs
Identifying the purpose of your experience, the needs of the group, distance, and access to Nature is required in order to provide a quote.
The type of location we need requires a forested area and field (if booking archery licensing is required in advance)
If it’s windy, we head to the beach.
Meet onsite
Allow the Questing to commence with Bows and Swords in hand
We finish, team built, vuala!
Theatrical Role Play
Group challenges requiring physical activity (adaptable)
Role Play
Story crafted by a Master of Adventure
What to Pack:
🌧  Weather Appropriate Gear
Sturdy and closed shoes
A belt on the outside of their clothes
Change of footwear/clothes
“All of them worked on what they were passionate about, it was part of what they were selling and what they were creating. Now they’ve gone beyond that, outside the classroom. All of them have… Wild Craft Play brings back the magic.” Kelli Rosenbeck

Does any of this resonate with you?

Based on my life experience as an outdoor guide for over 20 years, plus an MA in Environmental Education and Communication, I have come to understand that we need to invest in children, help them see the beauty in Nature, and take care of this Earth.

See for yourself what others have to say about the programs with these testimonials.

call: 250-927-7923

It is an honor and privilege to work and play on the K’omoks First Nation Territory in beautiful BC.

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