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Art Cards for a Cause was created when we realized that young people and educators needed financial support to attend programs and training. We recently expended to support the Fairy Creek initiative to defend Old Growth Trees.

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When you buy your Art Cards ONLINE OR IN-PERSON

You are supporting three initiatives: sponsoring a child in Wild Craft Play; Igniting the flame for an Earth Guide; and  helping to protect the Old Growth Trees.

Artists produce their own original art, some are oil, some are acrylic, some are hand painted on a board while out at Fairy Creek.  Their art is digitally rendered onto a 5 x 7 inch card.

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All cards in this column are by Shea Kotilla

Card #017: Close Flowers

Card #018: Pottery

Card #019: Pink Flowers

This card is by Dayne

Card #015: Innisfree Pond

This card is by Sarah Suun *Funds go to Fairy Creek.

Card #016: Old Growth Trees

All cards in this column by Erin Hunter

Card #010: Mountain

Card #011: Water

Card #012: Blue Dot


All cards here by Jamie Black

Card #007: Raven Feather

Card #008: Dandi

Card #009: Smokie


All cards in this column by Erin Hunter

Card #013: Horse

Card #014: Sunset

All cards here by Jamie Black

Card #001: Sailboat 

Card #002: Great Blue Heron Card #003: Dark Eyed Junko Card #004: Double Masted Sailboat Card #005: Clouds in the Trees

Card #006: Saxamaphone

Get to Know the Artists

  •  Jamie Black

    All art by Jamie Black sends 100% of proceeds to Wild Craft Play.

    As the Founder of Wild Craft Play ‘sCool, Jamie is dedicated to sponsoring youth in outdoor play, as Jamie believes this IS they way to be.

    Jamie has been an artist since the dawn of time, favoring color, sketch and digital design.  Stop by and say hi the next time you see Jamie and find out more about what Jamie’s up to!





    Sarah Suun (Sarah Sun Choi)

    is a Korean-Canadian artist who is currently based in Vancouver.  She graduated from The University of Victoria with a BFA degree in Visual Art. She specializes mainly in painting and tattooing. Her paintings can be abstract, visionary, surreal, luminescent, psychedelic, and inspired by colours, feelings, spirituality, culture, nature, Buddhist art, death and rebirth. Sarah is seeking to create a life rich in beauty, freedom, and raw authenticity.

  • Erin Hunter

    Erin practices living as art, primarily in the traditional territories of the Coast Salish, K’omoks and Snuneymuxw peoples.  She shares some of her images with Wild Craft Play’scool as a vote for the world she wants to live in, and is grateful for your purchase!  You make a positive difference in the world!  Thank you!  Find more of Erin‘s work, at






    Dayne is a gentle giants, with a spirit so vibrant, such a kind soul and a willingness to explore. Dayne suffers from a brain injury, and his capacity to focus is short. Though he may not have thought much about art before, in the summer of 2021, Jamie Black worked with Dayne, sitting in the same spot at Innisfree Botanical Farm and Garden every week for 8 weeks, where they sipped a medicinal cup of tea after volunteering and weeding the labyrinth.
    As they sat, Jamie would hold Daynes writing hand and help him move it in ways that related to the shapes they saw; circles for stones, up and down lines for grasses, squiggles for branch limbs and curves for leaves and water. Jamie helped Dayne choose the wqter color pencil crayons that related to the colors of nature, and they quietly focused for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, once a week.
    Finally, his mom got to witness the two of them sitting and working on the final touches of his masterpiece.
    His mother witnessed and shared “He was so focused, and he seems so proud of his art.  I think it’s because you are so kind and gentle with him.”
    Jamie says “It was extraordinary how he would calm himself and trust me.  It’s the first time I have ever guided someone’s hand to draw.  We explored all the different shapes, and textures, and was able to do parts of it on his own.  Since it was watercolor pencil crayons, the fun bit was adding the water at the end, and watching the colored lines transform. He seems so proud. I’m so proud of him.”
    This art is now An Art Card for a Cause for sale, supporting young people to have access to art, music and outdoor adventures at Wild Craft Play ‘sCool and the SoLe Adventure Program.




    Shea Kotilla

    Shea Kotilla is an artist living in the Comox Valley. She uses oil and acrylic paints on canvas and wood. Her subjects are a varied mix of landscapes, people, portraits and still life.
 Shea‘s joy in life are family, friends, nature, cooking and art.

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PS: if you are an Artist and you want to contribute to this great initiative and hop on our marketing bandwagon, please contact me directly.

Shipping & Handling is $5.00

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Young Artists Get Published


Be a chosen youth who has their art published in an educational resource called the Sacred Storybook.

Open for submissions

Wild Craft Play ‘sCool, is revamping their children’s storybook to enhance the learning experience for children ages 8 and up.  Wild Craft Play is a role-play, nature-based in-person program that is as fun as a videogame, designed with strategy game-play that hooks children in and leaves them wanting more.  The Sacred Storybook is how the whole program starts.

In collaboration with Scrapbook Garage in Parksville, who is working on a prototype for a more compact and functional book, and

Jamie is calling for art submissions to revise the Earth Charter pages of the book.





Email to receive an entry form

Any medium, pencil, paint, photography, digital art must be 8 inch x 8 inch

Every person who complete this quest of submitting this art, receives:
  • Invitation into the Secret Society, a group of community members dedicated to bringing more Wild Craft Play Game to Vancouver Island and abroad.
  • Invitation to the next Wild Craft Play 1 Day Games in Cumberland and across Vancouver Island
Chosen artists will receive:
  • Acknowledgement on the Wall of Fame
  • Letter of Recognition to add to your portfolio

To order a discounted copy of your book email


Book Jamie for an Online Presentation to learn more about how you can get published.

Presentations provided online, pre-registration is required, dates will be sent to you, and any presentation made will be saved and available for registrants.

Your submission of art will enhance this book and the experience for thousands of children. This book was created by founder Jamie Black and a child named Carmanah when she was 11 years old, nearly 9 years ago. Wild Craft Play The Game, has brought wild wonderment to hundreds of children, youth and adults since 2008. It has been played with groups of 16 or more children, ages 8 and up, designed for at least 8 weeks of engagement or more.

Initially this program was created with children, for children, to re-connect them with the Earth, now it is a multi-disciplinary experience that teaches about anti-bullying, as well as reaches all of the BC core competencies and is a model designed to meet some of the BC curriculum, namely, Grades 3, 4 and 5; physical and health education, math, financial literacy, science, socials, english, drama, environmental education, art and music. For anyone who facilitates the game, one of the core intentions is to help children play more gently on the Earth, making decisions for the Earth, and for our future.

When this book is published, it will become an educational resource to any adult who works with groups of children ages 8 and up. Join the movement. Become a Wild Craft Play Facilitator.

Jamie Black MA
(Master of Adventure)
Director & Founder
Wild Craft Play ‘sCool


– – –

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