Wild Craft Play ‘sCool
Mondays from 9:30am to 3:30pm
For Ages 6-9

New Location

At and around Point Holmes Beach and Lazo Wildlife Park area, including a private residence for fires on real rainy days as “Home Base”.  This nature-scape is one of the most beautiful and biodiverse regions in the Comox Valley, accessing endless trails and beaches, streams pomds, bridges, field areas,  all within a 15 minute walking distance from each other… inviting endless adventure.


$43 per child per week
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In the World of Wild Craft Play, children learn through purposeful play and immersing themselves in wonder and imagination. Through magical play and fantasy based, real-life scenarios, children develop internal motivation to learn, wonderment and love for the Earth. We believe that when a child is led by their own internal desires, they ask more questions and ignite a love of learning. 
With 20 years of research and development, we now use an approach called Guided Discovery Learning, the Hummingbird Approach and the Art of Mentoring. We ignite wonder and love for the Earth and draw out inner wisdom by allowing children to lead their experience. With child led insights of discovery we offer integrated academic and core competencies.
We teach Earth-conscious practices including outdoor safety protocol, fire building, knife use, cooking, crafting and the use of appropriate tools to accomplish each goal.

Supporting K to Grade 3

We are offering a day of learning in nature, where academic core competencies can be explored through nature exploration along with social emotional learning, physical literacy and overall development. Daily activities include open play, group games, storytelling, wildcrafting and bush crafting skills that can be tailored to learning outcomes and goals. Academic concepts can be as broad or specific as needed, and guided by the wise hand of nature.

Progression of the Day

Rough schedule of a typical day, based on the Art of Mentoring (subject to change):
9:30 am – Arrive and greetings, group game and heading out
10 am – Snack, story and connect
11 am – Training or Workshop
12pm – Lunch and open play
1pm –  Guided adventure, ignite wonder and exploration
3pm  – packing up, story catching, sit spot
3:30 pm – pick up and home time

Tracking Progress

We capture the moments with photos and videos for only you to access through Google Photos, so that you can forward them along to your homeschool platform. We also offer a short written summary of the key learning of the day.

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About the Schedule and Focus

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.
If finances are a barrier, please contact us.
Wild Wishes, on behalf of our team!
Jamie Black MA
Master of Arts in Environmental Education & Communication
(I prefer Master of Adventure)
Consultant, Facilitator & Founder of

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250-927-7923It’s an honor and privilege to be working and playing on K’omoks First Nation Territory (Sathloot, Sasitla, Ieeksun, Pentlatch) in beautiful British Columbia