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One-on-One, Two-on-Two and Group Experiences in Nature, rain or shine, for youth with varying abilities.

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SoLe Adventure has been offering one-one-one and small group adventures in Nature for youth between ages 8 and 17, since 2004. Every youth with unique abilities are welcome, whether we are suited to work together is up to both of us to discover!

FIND SPACE AND TIME to enhance your Body, Left Brain, Right Brain, Emotions and Spirit through adapted experience in Nature.


Every experience brings its own opportunities for growth.  We generate great adventures in Nature that cater to the interest and abilities of each person.

Nature exploration isn’t always the easiest experience, yet research shows that time in Nature is not only a tool for regulating anxieties, it is also a psycho-somatic release for many.  One youth calls it “the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Start with Wanders in the Woods

Time wandering in the woods, more specifically, allowing our bodies to be calm, without talking about anything useful, and coming to a place of harmony with the natural surroundings takes at least 20 minutes, if not 40 minutes.  Whether it is a slow wander, or slightly faster pace, it can be expected that our bodies find a sense of calm.  This is adaptive and can be accessible in wheelchairs, and tools such as trail-riders (takes 2 people to maneuver). Maybe this is just what you need!  We can work on coping skills, executive functioning, learning the art of getting on and off a bus if you’d like.

We can spend time creating an imaginative story-filled crafty adventure.  Go into our imagination while wandering in the forest, create stories, build imaginative play, craft characters, go on quests.  BIG GROUP GAME OPTION AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Looking for MORE THAN a Wander?

Once trust is built and you have modeled “Being Attentive,” then we can work on more executive functioning and decision-making skills, gradually working our way to higher risk adventures that inspire, challenge and expand our senses.

During more “Risky Play” there are opportunities to learn discernment, coping skills, communication, asking for what you need, saying no, saying yes, and many other core competencies.  As an outdoor guide for the past 20 years, I manage risk in ways that work for your family.

There is an expression of “common sense” which comes not from a state of already knowing, but from a life of experience and practice.  Build common sense through returning to the same places and experiences from many different angles, seasons, directions and circumstances to build your common sense.

This specialized approach to Behavior Intervention has been cultivated due to a recognized need for this type of work, and a personal need to help children become comfortable in the Natural World.

We can dive into more extreme outdoor sports such as skiing, kayaking, climbing, archery, caving, mountain biking, etc. Just ask.

We are dedicated to generating more opportunities to help get youth outside, connect with Nature, and maybe even fall in love with it.


See if your child wants to get outside with us. There is plenty of Nature near you.

Rather than focusing on Behavior Intervention, think of our service as Adventure Intervention. We go on adventures and focus on what is working, then find ways to build skills and techniques around the things that drive your youth, so that they can find their niche in the world.

Think of what we have to offer as the Muddy High 5:

Body, Left Brain, Right Brain, Emotional and Spiritual Connection through Nature!

Through these adventures, you may find that you have a knack for the performing arts, or hand-crafting, or storytelling, or creative -design.

Psst, we also do Circus Skills… in-case that interests you too!

Contact Jamie Black for a 30 minute free consultation.

Criminal Record Check and References available upon request.

Jamie Black’s experience with Autism
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