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Ages 6-12 – Come 1:30-4:30, or Dropin 3-4:30

Live a fantasy with beasts, quests, gold coins, archery, sword play and much more.

Wild Craft Play isn’t just about play, this is a chance for your child to lead and hone life skills like interpersonal relationships, coping mechanisms, improvisation, group dynamic management, financial literacy, ecological literacy, begin to know some wilderness first aid all through wildly improvised adventures crafted with and by the children.

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Regenerating Resilience
Through the Magic and Wonderment
of Nature and Merriment Since 2004

On-going Training in the Art of Crafting Wild Play for Children in Nature.
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On a Different Note…

Looking for Behavior Intervention for neuro-diverse needs with outdoor play specialists?

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Testimonials from Learners

Playing in the Program
Learning to Run the Program

It is the magic of wonderment that ignites a sense of ownership, responsibility, inclusion and togetherness.Jamie Black
  • At Wild Craft Play we:

    Gain Confidence in the WILDerness through role-play, survival scenarios and experienced guides.

    Develop your storytelling skills through Arts & CRAFTs, using many disciplines; arts, music, shadow puppetry, production curation, photography, videography, and good ol’ hand-crafting with Free-cycled materials.

    Fully PLAY with as much imagination and creativity, outside the box thinking, cultivating diversity and acceptance as you can muster.

    ALL in one experience! Sound ‘sCOOL doesn’t it?


  • Wild Craft Play ‘sCool is a private training institute where children and youth are the educators, and adults learn by doing, having fun with a purpose.
  • Enliven your skills and senses by focusing on engaging the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • Our intention is to help people create a genuine connection with the Earth, in order to take care of it and ourselves in a good way.
“I have come to understand that we, as a society and a Nation, need to connect to and become the advocates for the Natural World, while deepening our knowledge of self and the mysterious universe we inhabit. It is in this way that we WILL be the role-models for the future. Out of all of the needs of the Earth today, I choose to invest my heart and soul in our children.

Will you join me?” 

Founder, Jamie Black

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A Little Bird Story Productions was created to help Earth advocates and nature-educators tell the stories with and for the Earth. We realized that there are so many incredible people doing incredible things, and people have a hard time getting their story out there.  This is one of the ways we give back. We keep all projects affordable, to enhance human connection to our Earth and our community. What better way than in the moment, on-site, on-the-land in a personal way to share our story.

Learn more about A Little Bird stories; real issues, real people, in-the-moment, only slightly edited 🙂


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Celebrate Our
Earth Advocates
on This Wall of Fame

Since January 2008, students have engaged in Wild Craft Play. They have been striving to find solutions to real environmental issues. These new Earth Advocates have a story to share. Have a read…

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The Peace Making Principles
The Earth Charter

Peace Making Principles

Peace making principles are some of the core guiding principles in Wild Craft Play.

  1. We need peace in our hearts in order to play.
  2. When in conflict, don’t approach that person until you have peace in your heart. If that takes talking to someone else to cool your jets, or tell it to a tree, find a way to have peace in your heart before confronting someone else.  Then use your finest words to honor the other, THEN express your concerns/needs.
  3. Always search for a sense of unity or a feeling like you are both winning.

The only way you are permitted to play in life is to start with Peace in your heart. Follow this link for the Peacemaker Story…

Click here for a video of the Peacemaker’s story: https://youtu.be/QRzxFULuTz4

Have you heard about the Earth Charter?

It was created by the United Nations as a way of co-existing with our planet in harmony? This is our curriculum,

Click Here for the Earth Charter
What if “climate change” is real? What if we really do need to make big changes right now?  If it hypothetically isn’t real, then spending time, money and effort doing something good for the Earth can only bring more good, regardless of whether or not there’s a crisis, don’t ya think?

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