12 Week Courses

Courses for Adults who engage children in Nature-based play.

These courses are designed to level up your skills as an adult when working with children ages 8 and up. By registering today, you will be committing time to learning, practicing, providing feedback and joining the movement to connect children with Nature.

Risk Management and Building Resilience

Hazard Assessement Mini-Course

Hazard Assessment Part 1 of 4 with Jamie Black
  • Watch this 20 minute Introduction to Hazard Assessment & Terms of Control while reviewing your printed document.
  • Plan to spend extra time to fill out your document.
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Begin with Building Common Sense

This course is an online and outside 12 week guided experiential practicum for leaders and parents who want to develop basic-to-intermediate skills when taking children and youth out to Nature. Develop self-confidence with generating resilience in nature and a “common sense” that generally comes from experience. Engage in role-play scenarios that get the heart-rate going and inspire challenge and accomplishment. Learn alongside a Master of Adventure incorporating teachings from many influencers such as Jon Young and Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature, Cornell and Sharing Nature with Children, Steve Van Matre and Earth Education, Clark & Glazer with Questing, and Joanne Macy with Coming Back to Life.

For the duration of the course, you will follow the 8 shields progression, a theory of leadership that will enhance your lessons and generate a more holistic approach, designed by old traditional ways from around the world.

This is an experiential learning adventure focusing mostly on hazard assessment, risk management and confidence through games, activities and role-play scenarios, guided discovery and feedback.

Once the group has confirmed 3 days of exploration, we set out on planning, practicing and deciding which activities, who is the lead of each part of the day, take turns leading scenarios and creating hiccups along the way to keep us on our toes.

These 3 days will be either evenings or weekend days, between 3 and 6 hours scheduled by the group, depending on the group consensus.

To start, the experience will be guided by the leader, by half way through the 12 weeks, it will be a “hands-over-hands” approach, where you lead with direct feedback, and by the end, you are encouraged to facilitate on your own without any direct feedback, using a Guided Self-Assessment approach.

DESIGNED FOR: Teachers, Program Leaders and Parents new to “outside” or “adventure” style learning.

TOOLS: Physical and online books and resources, the Hazard Assessment Tool, hand-outs, 3 lesson plans, back-pocket games, stories and songs to assist with capturing attention and transitions. Plus an endless access to an online community of adults who are Nature-educators and learners.

Course #2: How to use Adventure Intervention with Youth with Autism

Outdoor adventures are one of the best ways to help youth get back to a comfortable state. As a Behavior Interventionist, it is good to expand your horizons and learn the skills it takes to take youth outside.  Of course there are parameters that will determine whether or not your client can handle the activities, but it all starts with one step. This is an experiential learning environment where leaders practice leading children/youth with Autism in more adventurous outdoor activities in a role-play scenario. There is a strong emphasis on allowing children and youth with special needs to connect with nature and follow their own intuition. Learn tricks, tools and resources for activities, locations, trip planning, safety equipment and communication strategies.

For Teachers, Program Leaders, Parents, Behavior Interventionists and Social Workers who work with children and youth with Autism.


Course #3: Anything Wild Craft Play

Learn to guide children in nature include techniques, adventure and tools to this new paradigm in the way we facilitate nature-based experiences for children and youth. Learn about the art of letting go, practice awareness of your presence, and generate a strong sense of guided discovery facilitation.

For Adventure Educators, Teachers, Program Leaders and Parents who work with ages 8 and up looking to improve leadership skills.

Course #4: Guided Self-Assessment

Videography is used by professional coaches to help their students improve their form. It is also a great way to learn about how you present yourself  when public speaking.  Through my research, I used videography to capture HOW I was facilitating, so that I could improve my skills. Improve your leadership skills in this experiential learning environment through direct feedback loops, witness and grow.

This workshop includes: videography training, peer to peer feedback and communication and 3 weeks of on-line coaching.

FOR: Adventure Educators , for Teachers, Program Leaders and Parents

Sing, Create, Craft, Play

Course #5: Circus Skills & Performing Arts

Imagine being able to spend 12 weeks learning how to spin, juggle, share skills and perform.  Wild Craft Play ‘sCool has been in partnership with Vesta Education since 2013 receiving Art Starts grants, teaching in schools and developing skills through those dark winter days. Register today to find out more about how you can bring circus and performing arts to your group.

As a performing artist, the act of mastering a skill, putting on a costume and sharing your talents with others is an adventure in itself, igniting an altered environment in which people engage and explore their edges and learn by doing. Wild Craft Play ‘sCool has partnered with Vesta Education’s Director, Artist and BC Certified Teacher Karina Strong, to TEACH program leaders and parents hands-on experience of the basics of circus skills. Learn by doing, have fun with a purpose and gain experiences to share with your children.

Learn the flow of juggling, poi spinning, staff spinning, OR stilting, HOW TO ACQUIRE supplies and how to integrate circus LEADERSHIP in what you do. Bring us in for one day or, for more information about how you can hire us to offer a 12 week curriculum covering your Science, Math, English, and Core Competencies, visit www.vestaeducation.ca.

Target: Teachers, Program Leaders and Parents who work with people ages 8 and up, who are seeking personal experiences in Circus Skills.

Both Jamie Black and Karina Strong are facilitators for different aspects of this workshop.

Karina Strong is the heart of Vesta. A former Social Worker trained in workshop facilitation and community development, and with a small business management diploma, she is a licensed teacher currently contracted in Sd68. Mother of two, she is an internationally acclaimed performer. Karina took their two children on Spark Circus 2012, teaching circus and performing in the Burmese orphanages, migrant schools, and refugee camps for two months. She founded VestaFire Entertainment in 2010 as a way to share her knowledge with others in order to create joyful community.


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