Spring Beach Cleanup Production

We interviewed Liz Johnston to learn more about the issue that we are bringing to light.

Together, we will make a difference.

Our Mission:
Create a mythical magical story to help humans fix problems like dead orcas who eat seals who eat fish who eat plastic.
Our Vision:
To move people who hear our stories and inspire them to make a difference globally.


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The Spring Beach Cleanup Production WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!!

Mar 28 to April 2, 2022
This experience created a production company that comes in, figures out the story and produces it.  It’s not a typical camp. Think of it as becoming a family for a week.  There was some facilitation, lots of learning, tonnes of space for imagination and creativity, and lots of downtime to enjoy the wonders of Denman.

Schedule for the Week
Mon to Wed =>Inspiration, Teambuilding, Motivation, Training and Finding of the Story
Thursday => Final workings on the story, and take a BreakFriday => Craft the Story, prop creation, costumes, script, lighting, tech, videography, angles, etc
Saturday Show and Tell to family only

How to Reach Us:

Send us an email: info@wildcraftplay.com or fill out the form HERE

Pay by etransfer, identify an easy password, or Paypal HERE

Print the Registration form and drop off at our Head Quarters.


 How did this production come to be?

Children at Wild Craft Play were invited to do a service projects by founder, Jamie Black. Once they decided they wanted to help the animals, we found Liz Johnston and the beach clean-up efforts.  Since we are in the realm of producing children’s stories through a magical experience of green screen, video projection, old school overhead projection, dance, art, music and rediculousness, we asked if we could help, and Liz said yes.  She expressed that they have been trying so hard to affect change around this issue, and they need something different.

This isn’t just a production, it’s a movement, and it starts now.

All efforts will be made to host the Spring Break Production 6 day experience, THEN we launch a marketing campaign that will bring this world wide.

Join us.

At Wild Craft Play, we start with a sense of health and work our way to serenity and abundance.

Following the Earth Charter, we expand our capacity to become in-service to community, then reaching beyond our region, the sky isn’t even the limit from here.

Incase you are wondering, who IS this Jamie Black person


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