Guided Drum Journey with HummingBard

4 Week Online Guided Drum Journey with Hummingbird

(aka Jamie Black)

Sundays from 11-1:30 pm

Register and Donate by emailing Jamie HERE

CLICK HERE to find a Sunday Start Date that works for our next intake, space is limited.

Thank you for considering donating.

For this first experience, we will be ironing out the kinks of online journeying.  Any feedback and testimonials will be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time about your experience: | 250-927-7923


Welcome to Your First Guided Drum Journey 

with Jamie Black

Be sure to give yourself space and time to truly settle into this experience.  You deserve this. Your soul deserves this.

Here is a list of a few things that you want to prepare before having any journey.

  • Ensure that your space will not be interrupted 

(during your journey, there may be sounds in the background, simply let them in as part of your journey, yet prevent any abrupt interruption like an animal)

  • Bring an eye covering
  • Allow for enough time for the journey (20 minutes before you arrive to ground, the journey experience, and then at least an hour to integrate, write and reflect)
  • Bring a pen and paper (feel free to bring colors, paints, pastels)
  • Bring an offering for the Earth, something 100% biodegradable (no seeds), that you will then burry, burn or left adrift in a body of water)
  • Ensure that you are wearing good quality headphones
  • Timing device
  • Drum (when it’s time to drum, you will hear a drum recording and get to play along)
  • Wear clothes that support you in feeling grounded and connected with Spirit and the Earth
  • Ensure that your device that you are in communication with me on is well powered

It is an honor and a privilege to do this work with you. 

                                           Thank you for trusting me with your journey.


What is your intention today?

Every drum journey is taken because of your intention to heal. 

Your first journey will be to travel to Middle world, where you will have a simple interaction with your surroundings. This gives you a chance to have the experience in safe and sacred space, where you will decide if you want to take your journeying path further.


The next two journeys include:

  1. Going to Lower World to meet your Sacred Animal – this is an animal that will always give you strength and keep you safe on every journey (in Other World and in the ‘real’ world)
  1. Journeying to Upper World where you will meet your Spirit Guide – an ancestor or being of human form who will help you focus when needed.

Once you have gone through all 3 experiences, you will have what you need for any journey.  Enjoy!

I extend so much gratitude and appreciation to my teachers in this way of life.

To Deborah Hollins for a decade of teachings, ritual, song, drum, self-esteem, journeys and dance.

To Corinna Stevenson for reaffirming with me what I already knew.

To Wes Gietz for being there for me and teaching me the balance between this world and Otherworld.

Welcome to one of the oldest spiritual practices that will move your soul in this world (and Otherworld).

We finish on the 4th day with a final journey that you can re-journey as frequently as you wish.

Weekly 2.5 hr Ceremony:

  • Calling in the 4 directions & open the circle
  • Body movement standing or sitting to recorded music
  • Sitting, closed eye breathing and grounding
  • Guided Drum Journey
    • Due to the nature of online and wifi, you will download the recordings in advance, unplug from wifi for your journey, then re-connect with everyone.
  • Journal/Draw in-“circle”
  • Share through the Way of Council
    • “Council is an ancient way and modern practice whose roots are within the natural world, spanning diverse cultures and religions. This practice elicits an experience of true community, recognizing that each voice needs to be heard and every person has a gift, a story to share, a piece of the whole…Council offers a way of communicating that encourages attentive listening, as well as honest and compassionate expression. It makes room for new insights and understandings, wisdom, and healing.” – Ways of Council
    • The five agreements of Council are:
      • listen with your heart, speak from the heart, be open-hearted, get to the heart of the matter, and keep it in your heart.
  • Drum & Sing
  • Close the circle
  • Unplug and Integrate
We finish when we finish. Make time for 2.5 hours.
I invite you to take time to engage throughout the week, spending quiet time in Nature, sitting alone.
Welcome to a whole Otherworld!

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