Do It Yourself’ers at “Trout Gulch” a Hobbit Movement

DIY means Do It Yourself.

There are people labelled “DIYers” in an area called Trout Gulch who are in a Hobbit Movement… it makes me think of Erringtonians and the like-minded interest of being able to do it ourselves in a communal kinda way!  There are some interesting stories being told about people who milk their own goats, and live in a Eutopian community.  Ahhhh, it reminds me of the Roberts Creek Cohousing!

Here is a sound-bite of a description of a DIY project.  All of these stories he tells inspire me to want to learn more about how to solve problems by searching online to find innovative solutions.

CLICK HERE for the sound bite

Ahaaa, they are building a 21st-century hobbit village – harnessing and equipping themselves with technology, and they have a keen sense of what technologies are worth employing… they are skeptics of technology and enthusiastic about its useful effects.

Is it a ’60s commune?  Or is it a village with high-end technology?

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

These guys created Encyclopedia Pictura – in an office of basic tables with a couple of Mac Books, and a crew of 60 people who work with their material.  A “Cowboy status,” creating videos for Bjork in her fantabulously awkward storytelling!

3D Camera Rig… and a 3D station used from video gamers.  This is inspiring.  I wonder if there is a way for me to develop promotional material for my World of Wild Craft Play in this way.

Heroic mythology for the “Maker Movement”

I love these pictures on the Trout Gulch website:

What do you think of all this?  Who wants to create a cob village in Errington?

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