A Sensé once told me “You are Master of NOTHING!”

It is true, he did say “You are Master of Nothing”… and I believe he said this to me to inspire me to Master something.  At the time I was training in Kung-Fu.  My Sifu was training me privately to become a teacher for him, because I was good.  I was so good that he wanted me to continue the lineage of his family and teach people, so he was dedicating the last years of his living time to me to train me.

In less than 8 months, I quit, and wanted to move away, move back to my home town.  This is when he said “You are Master of Nothing! You teach many things before you master it.  You must stop, and choose one thing, and master it, then teach.”

I wish I could have told him how profound that message was that Sifu said to me, before he died.  This has inspired me to Master what I have come to call being a Facilitator.  And the topic is the Art of Environmental Education and Communication.

While listening to the video “How to learn anything… fast” 

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm3vq_zkOn4&w=560&h=315] I came to realize that this process of learning, and mastering the art of learning, I am Mastering the art of myself.  In my mastery, as I go along, I have the ability to teach others, even if I am not a master yet.  Is this the right way, I don’t know, but this is what I have done for years.

For example: the same week that I started Rock Climbing, I taught a Rock Climbing Camp, and have taught ever since (2000), and when I started sailing dinghies, I started teaching it that same week (2002).

What I am mastering is the ability to facilitate any situation.  I believe the Art of facilitation is to read the audience, know the basic concepts, and enhance the learning opportunity for those who wish to learn the skill.  I choose a method that I like to call Guided Discovery.  Here is my blog page that shares more about Guided Discovery: http://soleadventure.wordpress.com/guided-discovery/


This is what I plan on writing my thesis on, in one way or another… a Pedagogy of Guided Discovery.

What do you think?

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