What you eat matters!

I believe that what we eat matters… don’t you?

What we choose to consume determines our future, our health, the health of our children and relationships.  Doesn’t everyone want to live a vibrant life?

Recently I have been having many conversations about food security, and what I find even more important is the nutrition density of the food we consume… How do we know?

Some of you may have known that last year my brain quit working.  I went through some incredible stress that caused my cortisol levels to plummet and therefore my ability to cope, stay awake and remember things, was lost.  This lasted for about 3 months.  I went to the doctors, took a number of blood tests, and although all of my blood levels seemed ok, aside from my Liver Chi being low, I was recommended to watch this TedX talk, “Minding my Mitochondria.” Now, I am learning all new ways to feed my brain, my body and my soul.  When was the last time you ate seaweed? Do you fill your day with greens? I am still working on this stuffy, but I strongly believe that we can prevent dis-ease if we eat what matters.


This was me taking the first break from months of mental stress… getting lost to find yourself is something I recommend to everyone.

Take a look at what this experienced woman has to say about your brain:


Now I am learning from people like Liz Forrest with raw food diets, Avena Originals, and LearningHerbs.com.

What do you do to feed your brain?