Branwen Daughter of Llyr – Mythical Story of the Celts

This morning, I was looking for insight from my Druid Animal Oracle Deck, and I picked Black Bird, upside down.  Black Bird is known as Druid Dhubh.  Enchantment, The Gateway, The Inner Call.

He calls to us from the gateway between two worlds, urging us to follow a spiritual path or to become more self-aware.  He calls to us in the twilight, showing us the path to Otherworldly secrets, pointing out the ways in which we can discover more about our hidden motivations and potential.  There are times in life when it is important to concentrate on the outer world and your responsibilities in that world, but there are also times when you must attend to the haunting song of your soul which calls you to a study of spiritual truths, and to an exploration of the inner world through dreams and myths.  In heeding Druid Dhubh’s song, you will discover healing and new depths in your soul.


Drawn reversed, this card reminds you that the blackbird is the smith’s bird, and his song may be calling you to work in the forge of your own heart – to create a life of passion and purpose.  All four elements are used in metal-working, and to create a healthy and balanced life we must work with the power of the four elements, integrating and developing our minds and hearts, our instinct and our intuition.  Just standing at the gateway between two worlds without truly working in either, is a denial of our own power and responsibility.

(Well said Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm.)


This is exactly what I needed to hear Blackbird! I started drawing all of my passions and dreams down, and worked on something that has been lingering in the back of my mind.  My calling to use storytelling, theatre, music, and art in a way to inspire and educate.  I sent a few emails that have been niggling at my throat, waiting to be written and sent.

I read on about Blackbird, and on page 20, there is an

old Welsh tale Branwen Daughter of Llyr, the hero Bran the Blessed and his seven followers are sung to by Rhiannon’s birds as they live in a state of enchantment for senventy0two years – neither growing older nor being aware of times passing.

This makes me wonder, why don’t we have myths?  Legends that tell the stories of yesterday, that our parents are telling us?  What are our myths and legends?  The Queen in the movie Brave said it right when she said

Legends are lessons that ring with truth.

What is my legend?

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