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  • Non-Playable Characters (NPC)

    If you wish to be part of the main NPC’s of this Salish Archipelago Click Here

    If you are hosting a private campaign and wish for our NPC’s to join we will create a sharable space for all to convene.

    Last minute NPC’s are welcome to attend, at your own risk. We prefer that you let us know you wish to NPC, you choose your role on the form, and then you receive training docs and read them before you arrive.  We will print roles.

    ALL NPC’s must arrive no less than 1 hour before start time to help setup.

  • Player Character (PC) Playbook

    Click Here to read the Player Character (PC) Playbook

  • Past Adventures

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    June of 2023

  • Learn how to Facilitate your own Adventure Quest

    Curious about what it takes to facilitate your own Adventure Quest?

    It’s easier than you’d think, especially if you have a community of support.

    We offer a Portal for Learning, Manuals, Resources, Templates, and Guidance for you to ignite wonder in players in your neck of the woods.

    Want to learn more?

Adventure Questing can happen at any location across the Salish Sea Archipelago and is coordinated by NPC’s from your coordinates.
  • We come together and commune, register, and prepare (put on our kit (costumes), find a seat in the shade, hang out).
  • Then at 1st conch you can expect a gathering, an introduction and let the quest begin.
  • It is up to you to stay hydrated, and take care of yourself.
  • Seek support where needed.
  • If you have questions, seek the White Banded Souls.

Want to Join the Adventure?

Step 1: Contact Master of Adventure, Jamie Black

Step 3: Confirm when, hwere number of Non-Playable Characters NPC’s, number of Player Characters PC’s

All down payments go to 1 month in advance. Post event, if more attend it will be a cost per head determined by the group leader.


Adventure Questing is brought to you by Wild Craft Play ‘sCool.

Adventure Questing is a world of adventure crafted by masters who wish to ignite a sense of wonderment, awe and love for the Earth. Just like the good ol’ days when we used to play dragons in the woods with dungeons and beasts, this is a Live Action Role Play, similar to the table-top role play game called Dungeons and Dragons, or videogames like Minecraft and World of War Craft, but in real life.  We focus less on the killing of monsters, and more on strategizing on how to save this imaginative world in Wild Craft Play.

  • IF you want to be a Non-Playable Character (NPC), that means that you are willing to help make the adventure happen, with props, a role, working with others to craft the adventure. You sign up for emails, read documents and follow along in the quest creation on Facebook.
  • IF you want to be a Player Character (PC) this means that you can’t wait to come dressed up, trade, loot, quest and adventure.
  • Please know that you are only able to level up your Experience Points (XP) if you are an NPC
  • This event is open to the public, accessible to all ages, races, classes and kinds.
  • There is 1 storyline offered across many Adventure Quest (AQ) days.
  • This is a safe place, queer friendly, supportive to folks with Autism and varying needs.
  • We are caring, kind and adventurous folks who just want to get outside and have a good ol’ adventure.
  • This is Live Action Role Play, incase you didn’t know. With Quests, coins, treasure, elixirs and potions.
  • We have Healers, Hearth Keepers, Rangers and Bards alike.
  • We have many adults joining the adventure with many young folk wishing to play too.
  • This is ideal for ages 8 and up, yet youngsters are more than welcome to become Innocent Bystanders.


Thank you for adding to our Don of Coombeck Scholarship Fund

When you donate, the funds sponsor a child in Wild Craft Play programs. They also support educators who wish to gain this training.

Don Fawthorpe is part of the Wild Craft Play family.

Don adopted Wild Craft Play onto his land. 

He designed the Adventure Quest logo, he fixed all of our broken arrows, and was one of our favorite characters.  In his passing, we decided to honor him and his land (Coombeck) and create a scholarship fund that would pay for all the fixing and crafting of supplies.

Your funds will sponsor the art of crafting.

Just like the up-cycled signs that you saw, we continue to re-craft resources up-cycle, and create engaging resources for young people, with the hopes to ignite wonderment and a love for the Earth.  Thank you for taking the time to read and learn a tiny story of a man who truly ignited Wild Craft Play, and is with us today in spirit.


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