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Our Mission:

Create a mythical magical story to help humans fix problems like dead orcas who eat seals who eat fish who eat plastic.

Our Vision:

To move people who hear our stories and inspire them to make a difference globally.

A small group of youth and adults are producing digital stories to solve the plastic problems in the ocean. Wanna join? CLICK HERE to email Jamie.  At the Spring Beach Cleanup on Denman Island in 2022 with and for the Association of Denman Island Marine Stewardship Society, and Ocean Legacy.

We are searching for 2 different types of people to join our efforts:

  1. Folks who wish to have a Sneak Peak of our work before it goes public and offer conscious criticism, feedback and recommendations.
  2. Donors and Sponsors

If you wish to witness the journey of crafting engaging footage, and offering your feedback join our Inner Circle.  Contact jamie@wildcraftplay.com or click the button above.


Posted May 2023: As of March 2023, we have become a small collective of professional artists and supportive folks who are engaging the community of over 200 people who care about the ocean, and want to do something about it.


What a gift it is to call ourselves a collective. Now named Shadow Play Collective  has 6 brilliant minds working on this cause.

To contact us email jamieblack@wildcraftplay.com

Members of the

Shadow Play Collective

Click here to read about Jamie Black


Click here to read about Joanna Finch

Click here to read about Anand David Embry.

Click Here to learn about Adrian Granchelli

Click here to learn about Cathy Coates

Cheers to our amazing support crew Marion Dulude and Kat Radford.


Posted June 2022: We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Artists who are joining this collective of Shadow Play.

Joanna Finch and Anand David Embry.  Both extraordinary musicians that have expressed interest in making a difference in this way. Stay tuned (pun intended) to witness the unfolding.



Curating Cleaner Waters is an initiative started in January 2022, currently inviting professional and amateur artists, musicians, storytellers, and movement artists to bring their creative selves in.  Step into the crafting studio prepared to move in front of or behind the screen, make improvised sounds, song, and magical being-like narration into the microphones. Or craft visual art on the overhead projector.

You know when you look up and see geese flying and you say out loud “Hey, Bob, we’re going the wrong way!!” in that funny awkward voice and it makes you laugh (or maybe that’s just me). Find your inner funny bone and tickle it with us as we crack open the issue of plastics and garbage in our oceans, narrating from the perspective of tiny “Ones.” Beings that are trying to get our attention, and are doing something, even though they have no idea WHAT to do or HOW.

Your funds are helping us capture the truth,

Craft the magic

and get these stories to the right people.

In the Spring of 2022, we were Curating Cleaner Waters in a Shadow Play at the Comox Valley Art Gallery Saturday, May 14th. We had a blast!

NOW, a small committee of youth and adults are meeting monthly to curate a solution for the garbage and plastics in the ocean, specifically in the Salish Sea. We are welcoming new people. Join by emailing Jamie.



How to Reach Us:

Send us an email: info@wildcraftplay.com or fill out the form HERE

Pay by etransfer, identify an easy password, or Paypal HERE

How did this production come to be?

We interviewed Liz Johnston to learn more about the issue that we are bringing to light.

Children at Wild Craft Play were invited to do a service projects by founder, Jamie Black. Once they decided they wanted to help the animals, we found Liz Johnston and the beach clean-up efforts.  Since we are in the realm of producing children’s stories through a magical experience of green screen, video projection, old school overhead projection, dance, art, music and ridiculousness, we asked if we could help, and Liz said yes.  She expressed that they have been trying so hard to affect change around this issue, and they need something different.

This isn’t just a production, it’s a movement, and it starts now.

All efforts will be made to host the Spring Break Production, THEN we launch a marketing campaign that will bring this worldwide.

The Spring Beach Cleanup Production WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!!
Mar 28 to April 2, 2022

This experience created a collective of caring humans that comes in, figure out true stories, and produce them in positive, proactive ways.  It’s not a typical experience. Think of it as becoming a family for a week.  There was some facilitation, lots of learning, tonnes of space for imagination and creativity, and lots of downtime to enjoy the wonders of Denman.

Join our Mission. Take Action!

At Wild Craft Play, we start with a sense of health and work our way to serenity and abundance.

Following the Earth Charter, we expand our capacity to become in-service to community, then reaching beyond our region, the sky isn’t even the limit from here.

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