Peter Parker picked a peck of pickled peppers… so who is Peter Parker?

Henry Jenkins uses “Peter Parker” as an example of aka Joe Blow, to demonstrate teen’s use of media and where we are at now.  There is a communication shift as more and more young people are becoming involved in society through their interaction with the internet.  Jenkins shares his views on TEDX:

History Culture or Participatory Culture

1920’s amature radio operators … HAVE YOU SEEN PIRATE RADIO?

1930’s Zines – speculating about the limits of science and technology.

19… – camcorder

2000 – radio and the web to educate.

Radio and the web

How participatory culture works: we put our ideas out into the world, and then receive insights and feedback from others and present an improved version of our idea because of community engagement.

World of War Craft – games are an enormous platform for civic and communal engagement.  WHOA!!!  Protests online in a game… virtual conversations and expression of political concerns… really?

Do we really get our information through humor based talk shows vs. true and real information.  Critiques and contextualized platforms for thinking about things in a contextualized way.  Jenkins says they are doing really important work.

Popular Culture -> Participatory Culture – > Mobilization of Culture through online communication

Hunting society we play with bows and arrows.

Media culture, we play with media.

Haha… “If we had a Dumbledor’s Army, would we have civic action?” In the name of Harry Potter, are you aware?

Comics and science fiction to make sense of these leaders and heros.

“Using the language of popular films to speak in power”

Shouldn’t we bring social media into our classrooms?

I SAY YES!!! And let our classrooms be outside!  Sunglasses and Social Media

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