Gratitude for Community Storytellers

Saturday, December 12, 2015 was our VERY FIRST Community Quest and it was EPIC!

It was an epic adventure for many reasons. One can only assume it was due to the new experiences, the familiar faces, the curious merchants, the real gold, the quests, the storyteller, and of course the wind, the rain, and the community engagement of businesses and youth. We are exploring what makes an epic adventure by making memories and sharing our story.

 We would like to express gratitude to our fellow community members who became part of the story.  #ParksvilleLibrary, #RBCRoyalBank, #PacificBrimm, #ShadesofGreen, #FireSideBookStore, #InfinityGifts and the #ParksvilleElementarySchool grounds, where we found an old #Labyrinth.


Last time, at Wild Craft Play…

We met in the sacred woods of the Erringtonites and sought treasure that was cast across the land.  For the first time in Wild Craft Play history, the whole group of children, youth and adults, agreed that all of the treasure would be kept together in a trust fund called “The Happy Safe.”  Trade Post Gold collected for a greater good within the Wild Craft Play Community to buy a boat with billowed sails and a teleportation device to somehow find our way to Camelot.

Parksville Library research station Community QuestYet we don’t really know if Camelot even exists, so as a group, we collected at the Parksville Library on December 12th to see what we could find.  It turns out that not only is it a hidden legend, but we also realized that this group of adventurers has a very diverse background and we decided to each research our own heritage.  Children in Wild Craft Play research at Parksville LibraryIt turns out that two of our adventurers are from Africa, where there is a place that is called The African Camelot.”  We were so excited when we found this clue, that we came to realize that some of us are from castles far away.

We became the adventurers of the round table, seeking more clues, like the way Indiana Jones would:

One of our adventurers seems to relate to King Arthur, was excited to find Camelot, though we did not know what it was, or where to find it, or even why we would want to find it.  Our research proved necessary for us to get outside, in the blizzardous gold, to find more clues.  So we ventured to the Royal Bank to collect our money from The Happy Safe.  Where a lovely clerk gave us our money and a Clue that read:

“Here is your money, now go find your friends. I think they are having coffee, planning how to save the world! There you will find a clue on your quest.  Good Luck!”

Wild Craft Play Community Quest Map Dec 12 2015

We were blessed with a Royal Bank pen to help us keep track of our spendings on our quest. The wind was pouring down, and the wind stung our cheeks, but we pushed on, to find our friends, Aslan and Sylvan eating cookies in the very back of the Coffee shop.  We grew in anticipation of what they would tell us, and they handed us another curious piece of paper with a note on it.  Somehow we had to find Green People, just down the road, and they would have an elixir to sweeten their hot chocolate.  Chidlren on Community Quest Wild Craft PlayWe would receive a reward for returning with the next quest and the item.  We found the clerk at Shades of Green, who had an elixir for us, that we had to purchase from her with our gold.  We then ventured to Fire Side Bookstore where we found ourselves in the very depths of the store and the next clue was found in a curious book.  This quest led us to Infinity Gifts, where we got to buy a sacred stone.  The wonderful lady there read us the quest with such an enticing tone, that we had to listen carefully for the clue.

Where chairs are empty, and desks are bare,

Where once the bell rang, now no one is there…

We rushed out of the store, saying thank you to the lovely lady and found ourselves running in wind that nearly lifted us off our feet.  One brave adventurer yelled, over the whistle of the wind:

I have never ran in wind like this before! Except for getting candy at Halloween!

Labyrinth image from book Parksville Community QuestThe fate of this adventure proved that it isn’t about how bad the weather is, it is about how good the adventure is! Once we found the sacred labyrinth, we recalled what we had seen in the book:

“L is for Labyrinth

Inside the Labyrinth’s twisting maze

He hides apart from human gaze

The most fearsome beast I ever saw

Half Man, Half Bull, the Minotaur.”

We were left with wondering what the Minotaur had to do with us… and it wasn’t until we reached the labyrinth that we knew what it meant…

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Every grand adventure starts with you first knowing yourself and being open to what is to come. You must know who you are, where you come from, your heritage, your lineage, your ancestors and your mission in life to be able to fully show up in community and make a difference.

Who are you?

Where do you come from?

What do you bring to the round table?

What kind of pouch will you need? What kind of tools do you need?

Join the adventure.  contact us at


Facebook posts 3 days later:

Araby Wheatley “Jamie, Linden and Kaleb are still talking about it!”

Nicole Haggard Sletto Kaleb had the best time! Him and Linden talked about it all the way home yesterday… just listening to their happy little voices in the back seat about all the epicness of their day was enough to make this momma have a very happy heart! Thank you so very much Jamie for giving them an adventure to remember!