Jamie Black, Consultant, Earth Education, Outdoor Play, Environmental Exploration, Kinesthetic experiences

Now Offering Support

Starts Monday April 12 – held weekly

10:30am until 12pm

For parents and caregivers of youth with varying abilities.

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What kind of Guiding and Consulting

you ask?

Well, the work that you do with youth
is an integral part of their future,
and that of our Planet.
My question for you is…
How can I help?

Our children and the Earth rely on connection.  You deserve support to make this integral work happen!

I focus on regenerating resilience the way Nature intended, through kinesthetic experiences reaching the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. Educating about the Earth, and guiding child-lead experiences using pedagogies such as Guided Discovery Learning, the Art of Mentoring and Earth Education. My name is Jamie Black, I am here to be of service.

I notice that there is an unspoken fear that can linger in anyone who works with children… fear of the unknown, fear of being sued, fear of getting hurt, fear of the youth getting hurt, fear of not being good enough.  I have also received feedback that the reasons why people are not getting youth outside is because of lack of money, time, resources, energy, skill.

While these concerns are all valid, there is strength in developing self-confidence and a sort of “common-sense” to relieve these pressures. This is where I come in.

I have been a Researcher, Guide and Facilitator in the outdoor education industry for over 20 years. I have an MA in Environmental Education and Communication, and I have come to understand that people who work with youth deserve the most attention right now, in order to make a difference in the World.

As a front-line worker, and as an administrator, you shouldn’t have to struggle alone, feel isolated, think that support is lacking. You shouldn’t have to invent the systems, face the legalities, or create your experiences yourself, especially for those who work with adolescent youth.

Youth are the most impressionable between the ages of 8 and 14. I choose to focus on working with organizations that support this age range because this is a potent time where they can learn incredible copings skills, build resilience, and let them lead.

How do the staff in your organization facilitate? Are the youth engaged?

Do you want support in getting outside with youth in a way that builds resilience?  

Would you value tools and resources for your staff to problem solve and make outings more successful?  

Do you need help with organizing systems, training, curriculum and program development for your staff?  

Let me share about my 20 year commitment has generated in order to be able to support nature and arts-based activities for your organization.

Let me support you to create systems to encourage guided youth experience in “higher-risk activities” to boost immune systems, self-confidence and resilience.

There are plenty of ways to make this connection work more accessible to everyone involved. Supporting inclusive leisure, ensure equity and make accessible.

Let’s climb the tree of uncertainty together,

Wild Wishes,

Jamie Black, MA


Jarrett Krentzel

“I know you have something REALLY REALLY cutting edge, you totally nailed it.

I just loved watching every single child totally engaged in whatever it is they were interested in.

The total embodiment of child-lead play in a game that provides very minimal direction and very maximum setting. You are definitely guiding, yet at the same time letting the experience guide itself, letting the children co-create this experience with tidbits of information.”

Founder of Hand-in-Hand Nature Education

Sharon Ellert

“Human beings are social animals and our biological, psychological, and social systems evolved to thrive in collaborative networks of people.” Health Effects of Social Isolation  Clifford Singer MD

People need social interaction and to be outside. Nature experiences reduce many barriers to learning, including stress and attention deficit, while encouraging the full use of the senses.  Many other studies suggest that children who spend more time in nature are healthier, happier and smarter. Your program offers this alternative in a safe way. You have integrated some critical key components of education with Wild Craft Play such as:

  • Focusing on the mental and physical health of children
  • Your program enhances the standard curriculum and school system structure which currently has imposed restrictions due to COVID
  • Wild Craft Play offers much-needed additional support for teachers and home school providers with emphasis on education and not just systems
  • Educators can enhance their own experience by becoming program leaders
  • The need for a new approach to education and life enhanced learning is an option that can no longer be ignored.

I am excited about the future that Wild Craft Play ‘scool if providing for the future education of children, along with support for educators, as we navigate through these times of increased stress.

Sharon Ellert

Certified Life Coach

Mini Course in Hazard Assessment & Risk Management


4 easy payments 

  • 10 hour online course


    Earth Guides Training


    3 easy payments 

    6 week course

    Adventure Mastery

    • Outdoor & Online Experience
    • One-to-One Guidance
    • Community Collaboration

    Guided quests, treasure-hunts,

    theatrical role-play, art,

    music, dance, storytelling,

    outdoor adventure,

    higher-risk activities,

    emotional support,

    spiritual release

    and a deeper sense of inner knowing.



    Earth Guides Monthly Support

    For caregivers, service providers, parents, and educators.


    Enhance your skills and confidence as a guide for youth with the Earth. This on-going experience is a guided journey for people who work with youth, who desire to build resilience while in-service make a deeper connection with the Earth.

    Following the seasons, tapping into the natural rhythms of the Earth, we walk in our own space and our own time, together, to find peace in these times through practices that expand your left brain, right brain, body, emotion, and spirit.
    Following practices from guides; Jon Young, John Dewey, Steve Van Matre, Bill Plotkin, David Diamond, Delia Clark and Steven Glazer, Joanna Macy, Deborah Hollins, and Corinna Stevenson.

    What is included:

    • Receive a weekly email that includes a quest, inspirational quotes and resources.
    • Attend a private weekly zoom call with like-minded folks, receiving guidance and an opportunity to connect with similar intention; as people in service to youth and the Earth.
    • Attend a monthly Drum Journey hosted by Jamie Black and dive deep into the healing of the soul.
    • Get free access to all Guide2Outside training videos provided by Professional Educators from across the Pacific North West
    • Join in initiatives ignited by the community found here.

    Join this collective of Earth Guides on Facebook.

    For beginner to advanced outdoor facilitators who wish to connect more deeply with the Earth.

    • PHYSICAL GUIDANCE Be guided through exercises, activities and outdoor quests that will ignite a sense of wonderment and enhance your self-confidence as an Earth Guide.
    • EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE Engage with a group for weekly emotional support, share stories, practice deep listening, and be heard as an Earth Guide.
    • MENTAL GUIDANCE Receive one-to-one support in your own mental health and learn techniques to continue to support the mental health of the youth you serve.
    • SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE Receive Guided Drum Journeys with facilitated activities of art, music and movement on a monthly basis to deepen your connection with self and spirit (non-denominational).
    • NATURE GUIDANCE Practice the art of being guided into your local environment, feel safe, find confidence.
    $297/month CAD

    ONLY $97/month CAD for the first 5 people to register.


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