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Let us take a moment to honor our Earth, and all of those who are becoming advocates for her work. This Wall of Fame is a page to honor those who have committed to creating a peaceful relationship with the Earth. They have read and committed to the Earth Charter, and are taking action to make a difference for our Earth.

If you recommend someone to be on this wall, please forward their first and last name, email address, phone number, what they have done to be recognized, and why you recommend them.


Some of us have learned a very special way to acknowledge the Earth, and invite you to watch what the Haudenosaunee people share with their young so that they have gratitude for the Earth.

See here for the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address: https://youtu.be/swJs2cGNwIU

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Earth Advocates’ Wall of Fame

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    What about you?

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Wild Craft Play was invited to host a grand adventure for youth during the 2 day Kulth event.  A crew of 12 friends came together and built a colorful village called the Sacred Market Place.  An 80 foot rainbow sunshade, an 18 foot hobbie cat as the Travelling Trade Post with a rainbow sail. The Old Man (in white) guides the questers with a riddle

“Hither, thither, nither, yonder, If you so choose to wander,
Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky
A sword fell down to the ground, Where it shall be found
Huckle buckle berry very, Fenced in by the wooded fearie.”

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