Youth Programs

Our youth programs are designed to engage.


Whether you are looking for a family event for a day, or a regular weekly program, take a look at what is coming, to the Nature near you.

Special Event                  Coming Soon.

Wild Craft Play – The Game     (BOOK FOR ONLY 1 DAY)

A Day of Wilderness, Crafting and Playing with your community in a park near you.

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Unleash the world of Wild Craft Play ALL IN ONE DAY!  This is a taste (an open house if you will), to come to know some of the engaging, play-filled theatrical story-living that happens at Wild Craft Play.  Imagine a video-game brought to life, from the basic game of capture the flag.

This game has way more collaboration, cooperation, guilds, skill building, relationships building and a sense of oneness.

Engagement is completely voluntary. Enter the door at your own risk.


Weekly programs      COMING THIS FALL 2019

Would your child like to go on quests, find treasures, build their own nation JUST LIKE in Video-games, but in real-life, where we have conversations, interactions, conflict resolution and problem solving, among MANY other life-lessons.

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Click Here to join Jamie Black and her team for adventures with other children ages 8-12.


Book a Private Session Archery &/0r Sword Play
– for ages 8 AND UP for diverse abilities


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Watch for listings on Facebook:

In the spring of 2018, the City of Nanaimo partnered with Wild Craft Play ‘sCool to offer an epic adventure of Archery and Sword Play and we sold out in 30 minutes! We had so much fun honing our skills like warriors, with a tournament and special guests who enhanced our game!  Are you looking for adventures like this in the fall of 2019?

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One-on-One and Group Adventures in Nature, for youth with varying abilities.

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SoLe Adventure has been offering one-one-one and small group adventures in Nature for youth between ages 8 and 17, since 2004. Every youth with unique abilities are welcome, whether we are suited to work together is up to both of us to discover!


“There is something about how Jamie Black facilitates the program, it’s different than what I have experienced before. She kind of plays tricks on us, or pretends like she doesn’t know anything, or holds us completely accountable for our actions, like when we tried to find the best fishing spot, and ended up walking back and forth down the train tracks until we finally made a decision, and it ended up being an epic adventure, especially when we caught a dead fish.”
~ Anna Thiessen – Teen from the Drawn by Nature Program

SoLe Adventure for Youth with Autism

If you are looking for SOLO and Small Group experiences for youth with Autism, you are in the right place.  Click here to learn more.

If you want to learn more about HOW to become an Adventure Interventionist (a step further outside from a Behavior Interventionist) We will have more information coming soon

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