Programs for Adults

Even adults need to play!

Many adults have asked me if they can play these fun games. Guess what, NOW YOU CAN!

Appreciating the fact that adults tend to have less time to commit to personal adventures, here are a few fun ways to engage.

Learn by Doing!

A Special Event!

Friday June 15th – Sunday June 17th

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Learn by becoming a character in an epic game of Wild Craft Play Empire at Hand-in-Hand’s 3rd Annual Campference at Rathtrevor Beach this summer.

One of the best ways to learn is by being directly involved.  So contact Jarrett and his crew and let them know that you want to learn more about how to facilitate in a Wild Craft Play way!

Fun with a Purpose!

Archery & Sword Play 

 Available starting in the Fall


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Archery and Sword Play is a fun way to pass the time outside.  Use this for team-building, skill-building, social events and fundraisers.  Book early, as the year is booking up quick, and you won’t want to miss out on this epic way to spend a day!

Coyote Mentoring.

Build Community in a week!

Sunday August 12 – Saturday Aug 18

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Join us for a dynamic, week-long community gathering
with programs for youth, adults, and elders,
immersing participants in a living, learning culture of nature connection,
community building, and self-awareness.
Deep in all of our roots, there are stories of our ancestors living in healthy, regenerative communities —villages where people of all ages were in deep relationship with the land, each other, and themselves. The Art of Mentoring is designed to help us remember these old ways and learn to apply them to our modern communities. This nature-based immersion experience gives a hopeful vision of what a community can look like when the cultural fabric that binds everything together is focused on things that serve individual, community, connective relationship, and environmental health.

Teacher Training

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