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Sharing raw and vulnerable stories to ignite an inner light.

Welcome to A Little Bird Media. This is an accessible conversation intended to ignite environmental stewardship, internal stewardship and stewardship for all other beings of this world and other world. Jamie Black has been helping people develop their social presence for decades and is here to help you find your inner light here and now. This platform of on-line storytelling is designed to be easy, accessible and affordable.

If you want to learn how to do this work yourself, please let us know, and we are happy to help you get on your way too.

Send Jamie an email at ALittleBird@WildCraftPlay.com

Welcome to A Little Bird’s Podcast.
Hummingbird is sharing her story with the intention of igniting a sense of learn by doing, having fun with a purpose through true stories in her life.

Jamie Black is hosting her podcast. A 3 day old fledgling of learning to shine her own light to make a difference in the world.

Follow me at: www.alittlebirds.podbean.com
The following are the episodes from A Little Bird’s Podcast, hosted by Hummingbird, also known as Jamie Black. She shares her insights, interviews and life learning with you. Take a look, and you will find the most recent at the top.

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