Earth Advocates’ Wall of Fame

A curse blinded this poor soul, and this party of brave scouts and healers came to her rescue. It took days to build the confidence and knowledge of the medicines of the land, but when this unfortunate occurance happened, these brave scouts came to her aid. Sacrificing their time, nearly scalding themselves with boiling hot water, to provide a healing elixir of life to mend her blindness and bring her back to full health. The lived to adventure another day.


This was Jasmine when she was 11 years old.  This was an epic day for her. She found her inner heroic self and truly flourished (with a little support from the Wild Craft Play world).  To this day, Jasmyn has become a true advocate for the Earth. At age 19 in 2019, mindful of her actions, and standing up for what she believes in, Jasmine is being recognized for her abilities and willingness to do good for the Earth on a daily basis. Paying attention to what she eats, how to recycle.

These fairy house builders have been tending to and helping people build their own fairy houses since 2017.  The deep connection to these fairies, their stories and helping other people find ways to connect with fairies in their backyard is infectious.

This group of brave souls ventured in the forest and left a legacy of a short video to motivate youth to get outside and go on grand adventures.

The CEAP Community is making an effort to understand why people are dumping garbage at the base of Little Mountain, and figuring out what to do with it.  This group is also the first group to enact Jamie’s true story of Little Mountain.

Wild Craft Play was invited to host a grand adventure for youth during the 2 day Kulth event.  A crew of 12 friends came together and built a colorful village called the Sacred Market Place.  An 80 foot rainbow sunshade, an 18 foot hobbie cat as the Travelling Trade Post with a rainbow sail. The Old Man (in white) guides the questers with a riddle

“Hither, thither, nither, yonder, If you so choose to wander,
Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky
A sword fell down to the ground, Where it shall be found
Huckle buckle berry very, Fenced in by the wooded fearie.”

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A fantastic being of a curious kind, Fahl Learth begins his quest of adventure, leadership and co-conspiring in the makings of Wild Craft Play. Recognized from 2010 until 2020, Fahl Learth is one of the main reasons you are all here.

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Let us take a moment to honor our Earth, and all of those who are becoming advocates for the Earth. This Wall of Fame is a page to honor those who have committed to creating a peaceful relationship with the Earth. They have read and committed to the United Nation Earth Charter (Click to Download), and are taking action to make a difference for our Earth.

If you recommend someone to be acknowledged on this wall, please forward their first and last name, email address, phone number, what they have done to be recognized, and why you recommend them.


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