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because they are worth it!

Are you looking for something to contribute to that will leave a legacy for the well being of the Earth and all of it’s inhabitants?

Do you wish to contribute to an initiative that is worth supporting?

My name is Jamie Black, I have been cultivating a community that connects children to the Earth, to their community and ultimately  deepening their self-awareness through Wildly Crafted Play since the year 2000.  I have been involved in many things, and I have come to understand that the number one way for me to contribute to the Earth, is to invest my time, money and energy into the children who are here, right now.  Will you join me?

These children are the ones who will be taking care of the Earth in the future, and I believe it is my job to adequately equip these children to be resilient through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hardships in their lives, with the hopes that they will in-turn take care of the Earth.

This is not a third world initiative, and this is not be an orphanage, but it is an investment in the children who ARE making incredible changes in the world.  We won’t need funding for those third world issues, because these are the children who are going to leave a legacy for generations to come.

In making this contribution, you will receive a document stating where your money went, how it helped, and invite you to share your story on this page.

All proceeds will go directly to children in-need.

ALL children should have access to opportunities

that provide the most optimal growth possible.

Your contribution will help us to:
  • Support children who need support financially, to have access to these life-altering adventures
  • Provide high quality and experienced staff that are qualified and certified in wilderness survival, the art of creative storytelling and facilitating theatrical role-play – all intended to optimize children’s capacity to expand their awareness, connect with community, and tend to the Earth.

By engaging in Nature, through creative role-play, children create an affinity for the Earth, and our goal is to encourage them to want to take care of it. SEE RESEARCH HERE

Families who have requested support have not had it easy. Not only are they struggling, they need our help to re-generate and build resilience in this day and age. The process of being sponsored entails; a referral, applying, the application goes through a review process, an interview and funds are given prior to program.

  • If you know of a youth between the ages of 6 and 17 years old who is in need of funding to attend any of the listed outdoor programs, please have them contact us. Info@wildcraftplay.com
  • If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please donate today


Child Stories (coming soon)

Sponsor Stories (coming soon)

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