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…will create a ripple effect that will make a difference.

As Wild Craft Play ‘sCool grows, we build a movement of passionate people with good intentions that are engaged in our community for the good of the Earth. By getting involved, you will create a ripple effect of change that will make a difference for our children and the children yet to come.

Become a patron and make magic.

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This is what we are up to right now…

and this is how you can help.

Wild Craft Play

Comes together every Wednesday from 12 until 4pm in Royston and neighboring communities.

We call ourselves The Cookie Clan. Through a magical world of Wildly Crafted Play, we are catching stories this winter and creating a production to figure out how to save the trees and wild animals, like Axolotl’s.

We are raising money to visit: Horne Lake Caves, Mount Washington and Fairy Creek.

To help us raise money you can:

Buy Art Cards Here
Buy Coptic Bound Journals Here
Buy our wears at the Christmas Markets we sell at.
Donate Here
We have room for a few more children, ages 8-12.  See here for more.
Want to learn how to run this in your neck of the woods? Click HERE


If you haven’t seen yet, Little Mountain had yet another amazing clean-up, thanks to Parksville Morning Rotary and friends.

Click here to learn more about the #movemountainslikeme project to PREVENT any further dumping at Little Mountain.

How you can help:

  • Offer to review the final edits of the 20 minute children’s production by emailing Jamie
  • Make a donation here
  • Book a course in how to put on your own production for the Earth.
    Tell your local schools about it, so that when we are ready to share, everyone will know!

Sole Adventure LogoWe are playing a game called Wild Finder – it’s like DnD but for one-to-one sessions or small groups with youth ages 8 or older. Working on life skills and overcoming obstacles.  At the end of every session, we use Narrative Therapy to overcome obstacles.

This winter, we are going XCountry Skiing and have room for a few more youth from the Comox Valley. Interested? Contact

A portion of all proceeds from product and online courses goes to sponsor this year’s youth adventures.

Also, if you see this logo and the following statement

Please know that how you act around us might negatively impact this youth who is doing their best to have expected behavior. If you don’t see expected behavior, just stay calm and adventure on past us.

Thank you to our sponsors, donors and supporters!

A BIG THANK YOU for your committed donors to the cause:

Debra Racher
Debra Contreras
Craig Seale
Trevor Wicks
Bill Hawkins
Uncle Bob Schaun (may he rest in peace)
Bernice & Don Fawthorpe (may he rest in peace)


Thank you to those who give their time:

Lane Franklyn

Alan Warner, Rick Kool, Enid Elliot, Wes Gietz, Hilary Leighton, Milt McClaren, Donna States

A BIG THANK YOU to our facilitators

Jamie, Rootz, Anosha, Ria


A BIG THANKS to all of the Coffee Shops promoting our Art Cards!

Royston Roasting Co. #RRCo

Tin Town Cafe

Bean Around the World



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