Today I paddle the Finlayson Arm

Today I am going to paddle the Finlayson Arm.

I have been craving this for weeks, since I moved to this little cabin on the mountain, and I keep looking out at the arm, wondering what is around the bend…

“Just around the river bend, I look once more just around the riverbend, beyond the shore…


I am exhilarated by the music in this song, and the adventure that I am about to experience.  Should I choose the smoothest course, steady as the beating drum?

The water is flat from way up here, but I know that once I lay that boat in the water, and paddle on, the waves, the wind and the current will move me.

I am curious about the Stone house or abandoned castle that people speak of, it’s somewhere here in the Arm.   Now I am on a quest to find the lost Castle.

I wonder what the weather will be like… I’m checking the forecast and it says…

Marina ForecastforecastThis re·con·nais·sance mission is to explore a region that I have never been before.  This environment may or may not be conducive to kayaking, and something tells me that it will be.

I am packing extra paddling gear in case I go in the drink, a great lunch, chocolate too.  I will have a spare paddle, float device pump and waterproofed cellphone.  I also have a first aid kit.

I have been kayaking most of my life and am confident in my skills.  although I do not have a VHF Radio, based on my assessment of the weather forecast and local knowledge of how safe the sound is,  that I won’t need it this time.  I have learned a lot from Jan at Adventuress Sea Kayaking and her coastal navigation course… about watching weather systems, and look for warning signs.

adventuress sea kayaking

This is a perfect way for me to hone my skills and connect with nature on my day off!

I’ll be writing about my adventure when I return!  Blessed day to all!

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