At Wild Craft Play ‘sCool we provide services for different sectors and needs.  We invite you to take action with us, and build resilience in young people by supporting the costs, promotion and engagement in our community. Below are the ways you can act.

Thank you for considering taking ACTION in the initiatives of Wild Craft Play!
We are currently curating a child-friendly production to educate, motivate and engage in solutions of change. We are also running a weekly live-action role-play nature program designed for children with varying needs such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety to teach life skills like how to cope, reading body language, expressing one’s feelings. Finally, we are hosting training for people who work with children. We know that it’s expensive for professional development. Your funds will help off-set their costs to help educators have more access to high-quality training and a Community of Support.

We believe in

Which can look like all sorts of things. Some people are using their cell phones or Go-Pro’s to capture footage and send it to us… Others are contributing time, money and resources. Some are getting stoked to give positive constructive feedback after having witnessed our production in progress.

 Curating Cleaner Waters is an initiative designed to catch your attention and make change.

We send out monthly “Current Story Chronicles” about where we are at in the process. It is private email to a password protected blog. We want to keep this contained to build momentum and discuss politically sensitive action.

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  • Questfinders is a children’s program hosted with and for children and youth with varying needs (ASD, ADHD, Anxiety, etc)

    As you can imagine it takes resources, skills and time to support children in need. Your contribution will expand the opportunities for these young ones. We have had folks give us lots of resources, supplies and gifts to this group, others make time to educate them. We are open to how you contribute.


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Join this monthly FUNdraiser to boost your inner child’s sense of adventure.

For All Ages

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Here’s how you can ACT:


Each initiative is backed by a different organization. Watch for instructions in each, as we have partnered with organizations who are able to offer charitable tax receipts.


We are exploring what it takes to provide meaningful relationships with businesses wishing to support us.  We are curious what you think it is worth to promote in our prescribed way with us.

Recently we have shifted gears, due to Covid, and are focused on providing valuable content online, which amplifies the chances of viewers witnessing links and ads. We offer:

  • Live-streaming videos
  • Interviews about Heart Skills, Head Skills and Hand Skills when leading programs for children
  • Physical contend for free and for sale at our
  • Free and Fair Cost Resources collected by and provided by the community for the community such as Nature songs, activity sheets, and more.

For you as a supporter, this is a list of what we are currently able to offer, and are open to conversation about.

  • Useful content with links to Facebook pages at the bottom, sent to up to 300 local and global groups with member counts nearing 15,000 each, who subscribe to “Nature, Children, Outdoors, Engagement, Autism, Local Community Boards, Activities for Children and more.”
  • Affiliate Advertising tailored to an audience of your choosing through our public and political pages