Welcome to Workshops for Adults with Wild Craft Play!

Our approach to developing skills for adults is a 3 step journey. We believe that in order to develop any skill as an adult, we need to experience it first hand, then try it on with support, then

  1. Hands-On Learning
    • You experience a hands-on learning experience, meaning we facilitate, and you participate, with a critical mind. You will experience a guided self-evaluation and set up feedback loops that work for you.
  2. Hands-Over-Hands Learning
    • Then we transition into a hands-over-hands approach, meaning you facilitate, and we offer direct coaching and feedback.
  3. Hands-Off Learning
    • As you graduate to a hands-off experience with a personal evaluation and a self-evaluation which will provide insight into your approach and you will receive resources, tools and on-going support to help shift into your new frame of mind.

More information coming soon.