When I let go of what other people think…

Wil Mimnaugh says it well in his music video, something about “When I let go of what other people think, I can truly be myself.”

I believe this is at the core of what being a storyteller is for me, Jamie Black ~ Sacred Storyeeker of #WildCraftPlay.  My life has been filled with many lessons to help me be okay with myself. My gifts that I bring to this world is from my heart, and rolls off my tongue, spills from my pen and reverberates from my guitar.  The energy that I feel when in the moment is the same feeling I get when I am healing.  My intent is to share my life lessons to families around the world and if other people don’t like it, or it stretches their comfort zone, or pushes them to react…

How people treat [me] is their karma; how [I] react is [mine].

Wayne Dyer

Thank you #Wil for your inspiration at the Parksville back yard concert!

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