Branwen Daughter of Llyr – Mythical Story of the Celts

This morning, I was looking for insight from my Druid Animal Oracle Deck, and I picked Black Bird, upside down.  Black Bird is known as Druid Dhubh.  Enchantment, The Gateway, The Inner Call. He calls to us from the gateway between two worlds, urging us to follow a spiritual path or to become more self-aware.  He calls to us in … Read More

Surrendering to a dying deer

Yesterday, as I road my bike home, I peddled past a deer that had been hit by a car and was immobile, and yet still alive on the side of the road.  I at first saw it’s doey eyes staring up at me, and thought nothing of it as I peddled, but then soon realized that it was injured, I … Read More

Campaigning AND Social Media AND Disconnection

What an interesting experiment this whole Social Media Campaigning is.  Our asignment is to use TransMedia and Plenitude in a way to inspire some sort of campaign to engage.  Now I have been doing social media, studying social media, learning by doing, and am starting to see a pattern. Likes are just likes, once they like it they may never … Read More

Going down the rabbit hole of Experiential Education with John Dewey

As most of you know, my interest is in Experiential Education, Guided Discovery and Coyote Mentoring.  My topic of interest for my Environmental Communications course at Royal Roads is in bringing more Experiential Education into the school system. I feel humbled by knowing that John Dewey back in 1938, had it right in emphasizing “That we must understand how experience … Read More

Peter Parker picked a peck of pickled peppers… so who is Peter Parker?

Henry Jenkins uses “Peter Parker” as an example of aka Joe Blow, to demonstrate teen’s use of media and where we are at now.  There is a communication shift as more and more young people are becoming involved in society through their interaction with the internet.  Jenkins shares his views on TEDX: [youtube=] History Culture or Participatory Culture 1920’s amature … Read More

Do It Yourself’ers at “Trout Gulch” a Hobbit Movement

DIY means Do It Yourself. There are people labelled “DIYers” in an area called Trout Gulch who are in a Hobbit Movement… it makes me think of Erringtonians and the like-minded interest of being able to do it ourselves in a communal kinda way!  There are some interesting stories being told about people who milk their own goats, and live … Read More

“Scholarly Monologue gives way to Collegial Dialogue.” ~ Em Griffin

Today I study “What makes interpretive theory good?” I have a paper due in a couple of days, and I need to choose a topic to do a literary review on, and review it in the context of a communication theory.  It has been an interesting process to define what theory relates to my personal topic of interest.  My topic … Read More

It takes a village to convocate a MAEEC Student!

The MAEEC program has become my village, and the students have become my family.  The professors, my mentors much akin to me, and the laboratory of 260 hectares of marvelous beauty is willing me to do more, be more and educate more. Today was a wonderful day of exploration and appreciative inquiry as we stepped across the multitude of tide … Read More

July 12, 2013 Daily Journal Blog

Today was a beautfiul day…. and I was inspired by the Peacocks.  Cheryl inspired me to think about the symbolism of what it all means… it means; Renewal, and the gates of paradise were guarded by two peacocks. And I am definitely in paradise! And not only that, but I am surrounded by a blessed group of fabulous people who … Read More

Riding a Royal Road

I decided to ride my bike to university.  Yes to university… and no, I’m not riding from Qualicum all the way to Royal Roads University in Sooke every day.  But what I am doing right now is staying in a Motor Home at a friends house that is about 15 km away from Royal Roads up a little mountain (haha, funny, … Read More

July 11, 2013 Daily Journal Blog

I am finding that technology is running away from me as I ride my bike to school, and I spend more time outside.  I don’t blame it… My Earth Muffin tendencies can be intimidating.  But I ask of you Laptop, external hard drive, Go Pro, Sound recorder… please, make yourselves useful to me!  I am going to do great things … Read More

July 7, 2013 Daily Journal Blog

Today was an extra extra-ordinary day. My mommy and I spent the day together, and my favorite part was when she read a book to me.  Three chapters of “Silent Spring” by  and we bonded in the similar perceptions and notions that we agree with the state of the world.  Luckily mommy and I are doing something about it. The … Read More

2013-06-30 Daily Journal Entry I woke up this morning knowing exactly where I was!  I was in my new little research hub, the motorhome.  I love this home!  It is a fabulous vessel for cultivating that which is most true and real to me.  With my music lightly playing, and my sleep slowly fading from my eyes, I go outside … Read More

July 2, 2013 Daily Journal Blog

Wow, it is already day two, and I feel like the time is just flying by!  Last night I mixed and mingled in the Castle with the 1st and 2nd year Cohorts for the Masters of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication.  What an inspiring place to study.  I can’t get over how I feel hear.  Is this a dream.  … Read More

July 1, 2013 Daily Journal Blog

What a glorious day!  The nerves of meeting new people was somewhat subsided the night before at the social gathering at the local pub, and yet, preparing for the introduction of myself with my newly painted tree created a curious anxiety in my body.  What would they think of me?  Do I dare fully be myself?  I decided to take … Read More

The first day of the rest of my life!

Today, my mother, aunt and I woke up at 6am to drive the Moho (a 30 foot motorhome) to my new found friend’s place near Goldstream Provincial Park in Langford.  We left by about 7am, and arrived at around 10am. On the drive up, I found myself getting emotional.  I felt overwhelmed at how my whole life has unfolded, and … Read More

My story is Little Mountain’s, my journey is to clean him up!

I came across a pile of garbage that was unnecessarily placed at the bottom of a majestic Little Mountain.  Darcy B’s homework from only a month earlier was laying next to me. It brought me to tears.  Then the Mountain spoke to me.  This is what he said: Darcy B. Darcy B.  why is your homework beneath the trees? Is … Read More

Daily Learning Journal June 26

June 26th, 2013 Well, I guess it isn’t exactly Daily yet.  I am still getting into the routine of not only plugging in, in the morning and at night, but also intentionally making time to do my homework and make sure that I am on track. I am reading “Ecological Identity” by Michell Thomashow for my EEC 500 class, and … Read More

Welcome to the Nature Based Leader Ship

Welcome to the  Nature Based Leader Ship.  This is an online resource space where you can share links, thoughts, knowledge and stories, as well as ask questions, put out requests, start surveys, and make connections with people you like you who are passionate about getting kids outside.  And I (Jamie Black) will be your Guide! I have recently offered a … Read More

“Coach Song”

If you have ever heard Jamie play the guitar or present, she uses Johnny as a metaphor for all young children and their right to play.  Jamie dedicates this song to an old professor named Alan Chin, who taught her to teach with her Head, Hands and Heart… he would say “You can’t show them what you know until you … Read More

Welcome to the Nature Based Leader Ship

Yes, this is a Ship. I find too often that companies, teachers and even administrators are spending so much time re-inventing the wheel, starting from scratch, just scratching the surface… but if everyone banned together, shared their knowledge and helped each other, we would spend less time saying “What do we do now?” and more time saying “Now what?” My … Read More