Sponsor a Child in the Wild

You can feel proud that your money is feeding the health and wellness of children ages 8 – 16 in Central Vancouver Island by making a donation today.

Join the collective SPONSOR A CHILD IN THE WILD  to generate more opportunities for children to have greater adventures in their youth. Yes you could donate to cancer research, or a child in a third world country, but by sponsoring our children in our community using an engaging and motivating activity that will give them a zest for life, building resilience and generating an internal motivation to do great in the world, what could be a better investment in your future?

Sponsor a Child in the Wild  today, and help a Central Vancouver Island collective of people to build capacity for more quality nature-based programs. This money is kept as a bursary where teachers and program leaders can apply for amounts of up to $500 per year for costs such as:

  • administration
  • teacher/program leader hours
  • resources
  •  rentals
  • transportation & gas
  • hiring guides
  • purchasing new equipment/gear
  • fixing old equipment/gear
  • or ask us for something else. We might say yes!
    100% of the donations made through this sight will go directly into a Bursary pot for teachers and program leaders in Central Vancouver Island to apply for to take children ages 10 – 16 on outdoor adventures.

On behalf of this new Central Vancouver Island collective, SoLe Adventure is using the website and PayPal resources to collect money. All moneys received through this page will go directly to the Second Nature Collective, of which will be vetted by committee members to ensure that all funds are accounted for and allocated appropriately.

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