Discover your Nature, give back to our Earth. 

Wild Craft Play ‘sCool

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‘Tis the season of integration and endings. Get ready for the new Beginnings.

This is a good time to let things go, close the door on the old, and regenerate.  Bring new life with openness and curiosity in these cold months. Join Wild Craft Play ‘sCool while we generate new beginnings in programs and teachings for teachers in the spring.

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Hire a Facilitator to run programming for you:

Hire a facilitator to prepare and provide exceptional programming through Nature-Based Play and Creative Storytelling.

  • 1 – 4 hrs for ages 3-5, 6-8, 8-14, 14-17


Drawn by Nature – $3 per participant per session (minimum 1 session, minimum 20 participants)

In order to have a well managed group in nature, it’s best to have a smaller ratio to leader.  We work with your curriculum to expand your experience and engage the children in safe, fun and discovery-based activities in nature near you.  If you book more than one session, we can help the children become a voice for the Earth, where they can tell the world about something important for the Earth. (This video was crafted by the youth in the video, they wanted to encourage kids to get outside and explore).

Get Out Adventure Questing  – $3 per participant per session (minimum 1 session, minimum 20 participants)

Prior to your program, we generate a quest based on your landscape that can be used to entice children to want to learn more about your curriculum topic.


Wild Craft Play the Game – $3 per participant per session (minimum 8 sessions, minimum 20 participants)

Unleash the world of Wild Craft Play where children dive into an economy of barter, trade, hand-crafting, entrepreneurship, community, connection, all within the context of nature. (This is an indoor and outdoor program)


Earth Entrepreneurs – $3 per participant per session (minimum 8 sessions, minimum 20 participants)

Open the door to a whole new world of inventions and entrepreneurship that benefits our Earth, choose a project and produce something that is worth selling that will make a difference.

Inter-galactic Space Sheep – $2 per participant per session (minimum 1 sessions, minimum 20 participants)

Host a silly game that encourages small groups to raise their own sheep on Mars, to save planet Earth, why, because you can!  See how they craft and create, and use this model as a way to learn about environmental sustainability within the context of an environment that is ever changing.


Lord of the Land – $2 per participant per session (minimum 1 session, minimum 20 participants)

With specific resources, boundaries and circumstances, children get straight to work to build their little economies, enhance their capacity for understanding collaboration, cooperation and communication while engaging in very hands-on and experiential play.

Siege of Empire – $3 per participant per session (minimum 1 session, minimum 20 participants)

Imagine capture the flag, with a whole new twist, the kids eat this up, and find all sorts of ways to win.  This is a very competitive game, and yet those who are not competitive, yet want to be helpful find their place in this game as well.

Join the movement!

Ignite imagination & spark a sense of adventure!






At Wild Craft Play ‘sCool Outdoor Adventures include (yet are not limited to):

  • Guided Discovery Learning: The Wild Craft Play Game, Forest Bathing (in forests and by bodies of water), Hiking, Archery, Questing and Wilderness Survival Skills is all facilitated through a Guided Discovery Learning approach that has been practiced and proven to engage children for over 18 years.  Following the practices of John Dewey and Jerome Bruner (early 1900 philosophers), Jamie Black calls it The Hummingbird Approach.
  • Experiential Learning: relying on group cohesion, we dive into experiential activities that can be as simple as a time in a forested area, to more adventurous activities as Mountain Biking, Caving, Kayaking, Trekking, Indoor Rock Climbing, Cross Country Skiing, Snow-Showing and Snow shelter building, Adventure Questing and beyond.
  • Connecting with Nature: is an integral teaching tool within all of our programs through Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature by John Young, following the 8 shields model at
  • All programs involve outdoor adventures, it is just a matter of what the group can handle.
  • Creative Storytelling: whether it be poetic rhyme, story crafting, storytelling, appreciative inquiry or simply saying “I don’t know, good question” storytelling is an art form that weaves the fabric of the experience together and sews up the loose ends, creating a masterpiece.

Performing Arts available (yet are not limited to):

  • Production Creation: depending on the interest of the children we venture into production creation, music making, song-writing, visual arts, graphic design
  • Performing Artists: when they are ready we delve into the art of performing on-stage.  Learn stage-presence, dabble in circus skills and body movement.
  • Social Media and Marketing: these skills are essential for success as an entrepreneur and are taught to the children in throughout the youth program.







Fledgling Apprenticeship

Weekly experiential learning on how to facilitate like a Hummingbird in programs across Central Vancouver Island

Ages 15 and up.

Starts 2 weeks prior to committed start date






SoLe Adventures

Weekly experiential learning for youth with Autism (1 on 1, or in small groups)

Ages 8 and up (good physical mobility and dexterity required)

Location: Central Vancouver Island


Level 1: Nature-Based Exploration (low risk)

All of our adventures are in nature, whether it is to explore, discover or create.  It is best to work with the interest of your child(ren) and develop life skills through what we like to call an Adventure Intervention approach. Hand-crafting, building, use of tools (sharp and electric), prop manipulation (such as swords and Poi), Archery and hikes included.

Level 2: Higher Risk Adventures for those who have demonstrated ability to listen to direction [fees will vary]

These activities include, yet are not limited to: indoor rock climbing, caving, kayaking, swimming, wilderness survival, questing, exploration and discovery in new territory.

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Workshops for Adults

  • 4-6 hour workshops for groups of min. 8 people
  • Nature-based program tips, tools and how to’s
  • Host Wild Craft Play The Game in your space
  • Learn The Hummingbird Approach (based on Guided Discovery Learning)




Home Base is in Nanoose Bay, BC.

The Hidden Quarters is in Coombs.  Shhhhh top secret!

  • We launched our school September 2017, we offer Experiential Learning through the Arts and Nature-based adventure. All experiences are for children, youth and adults ages 8 and up.
  • All programming provides valued experiences that can meet your BC Curriculum Core Competencies and general subjects such as math, english, science, socials, career planning.
  • For prices go to and look for the Fee Form  

For alternative programming at different times and locations please contact us: 

 Jamie-choosestopjamie-nz-tramp-experienceJamie-strengthFate and the Old Man Jamie Black and Quinton and children at Buddhist Temple Happy Festival Oct 3 2015