Wild Craft Play

is a life-altering adventure that engages body, left brain, right brain, spirit and nature awareness.

What story might be captured on your lands?  What environmental need do you know of that is swirling in your thoughts?  And what can we do about it?  Get ready to embark on an epic adventure to find the ultimate story to tell!

Wild1-1Wild Craft Play is a real-life series of interactions where a group of children and parents can make a difference in your own community regarding a local environmental concern.  You will play games and become characters of a real-life story that engages and inspires.  You experience personal awareness and growth through character assessments;  stimulate your creative brain through character building, crafting, map reading, and buying and selling at the Travelling Trade Post; engage your bodies through physical games, outdoor play and real-scenario challenges; be inspired to connect with spirit through storytelling, music, Shadow Jam and imagination; and develop wilderness awareness through conversation, role play and hands on interaction with a local environmental concern.  (Hands on interactions vary depending upon safety and access issues).  Most of all this program provides a life-long learning model of change.

Wild Craft Play Community Group

This year, we launched this Wild Craft Play Community Group first at the Errington Farmer’s Market, then decided to keep the story alive by continuing to gather as a community on quests and adventures around the community.

The Schedule for 2015-16 year

“Ready?” (North East)

Nov 14 ~ Are you ready for Wild Craft Play?

Nov 28 ~ Let’s watch Heart Wood’s “HONK! Jr” performance, then brainstorm about OUR show in May!

“Get Set!” (East)

Dec 12 ~ What is your heritage? Who are you?  ***Meet Fate at the Parksville Library to find our roots!

Click on the images here, to get a better picture of what is to come:

2015-16 Parent Letter Wild Craft Play Community Group

Parent Letter

2015-16 Schedule Page 1 of 2 Wild Craft Play Community Group

Schedule Page 1 of 2

2015-16 Schedule Page 2 of 2 Wild Craft Play Community Group

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All Wild Craft Play has to offer:


Programs, workshops, performances and presentations are facilitated with a Guided Discovery approach that tickles the senses and inspires imagination. Wild Craft Play can be guided in a One on One or family setting. Alternatively this dynamic experience can also be tailored to facilitate certain learning outcomes for your group.  It has been played in summer camps, festivals as a performance and used in presentations.  Wild Craft Play is a physically active, role playing game that provides an alternative to videogames.  Among many other outcomes, it enhances self-esteem which can prevent bullying.  Bring out your inner hero and keep your mind wide open.



“Children need adults who understand the relationship between boredom and creativity, adults willing to spend time in nature with kids, willing to set the stage so that kids can create their own play and enter nature through their own imagination.” ~ Richard Louv

Welcome to the World of Wild Craft Play!