Wild Craft Play Adventure Program

After School Programs for ages 6-12
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Wild Craft Play is where children’s bodies, minds and spirits are engaged.  Join in the creative role-play in nature and explore your imagination with highly skilled professionals like Jamie Black and friends.

To ensure quality programming in September, we require a full registration of 10 children. If you have children or know of children who would benefit from these programs, please contact us at info@wildcraftplay.com or by clicking here:

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Located at the OLD FIRE HALL at the Errington Hall on Errington Road. In Errington :)

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  • Starting in September for the 2016-17 seasons, we are open from Monday to Friday from 2pm until 5:30pm (at the latest)
  • We offer all day Pro D Days, please contact us to book a seat
  • Programs are available for ages 6-12
  • Mentorship training for youth 13 + available upon request
  • Drop off as early as 2:00pm, pick up after 4:30pm.
  • Healthy snacks can be provided
  • We opened January 4th 2016 and look forward to many years of adventurous play in nature! 
  • For prices go to www.wildcraftplay.com/contacts and look for the Fee Form  
  • SAVE $40 by Referring a Friend!
  • Subsidy Funding available – requires 1 month for application approval. For form go to:

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For Alternative programming at different times and locations please contact us: info@wildcraftplay.com 

Weekly Programs LICENSED and INSURED for your child’s safety



Amethyst Farm School is re-opening in September! Please register thru Jamie Black and Wild Craft Play for after school hours Mondays on our farm, learning herbal medicine making, animal care and self sufficiency skills.. Learning through Play!

Plus other local farms such as Transfarmation on Swayne Rd.

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Trade Post

The experience of the Travelling Trade Post generates character development through creative role-play in nature. This is where the children can purchase and craft their wares for the week.  They have access to all sorts of items for sale at the Travelling Trade Post, and they craft their inner character through imaginative play and fun.  Be fore-warned, once your child gets in the game, they may never want to quit.








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20151101_110523Generating creative art in Nature, doing art in natureLogo, or just being the art in nature is the gist of the day.
Allow your artistic self to flow on Wednesdays.

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Practice, Produce and Perform in a piece that you create.   Learn skills in:

Performing Arts: dance, choreography to music, making musicn, stilting, circus skills, storytelling

Production: behind the scenes, visual arts, lights, sound, videography,  post production and publishing

Promo, Design and more.

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Chidlren on Community Quest Wild Craft Play

bikes at Wild Craft Play

Skills in Adventure Safety

Rock climbing
Sword play

Bicycle skills for trail riding (beginner to intermediate)

Wilderness Awareness (training from the Art of Mentoring & 8 Shields Model)

Water challenges (swimming and beginner boat skills)

Circus (skills in juggling, poi, stilting, tight rope walking and more)

We are always questing at Wild Craft Play, but Fridays are the ultimate day for the big quests. The ones that stretch children’s imagination.  This day is saves specifically for quests.

Children in Wild Craft Play research at Parksville Library



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Come play with us!


Wild Craft Play Adventure Program Info


The Wild Craft Play Adventure Program was designed by Jamie Black to heighten the senses of children, and engage them fully in their environment.  After 15 years as an outdoor guide, Jamie started offering a program that was very much like a video game.  There were quests, cloaks, pouches, hand-crafted items, and a Travelling Trade Post that proved to be a great attraction to children ages 6 and up.  This style of dramatic play has become a hit with the children who have experienced play with Jamie, and she plans to offer this at the Fate and the boxErrington Hall on a weekly basis.  Each day of the week has a different theme.20150822_112021










With a pedagogy of Guided Discovery and a knack for crafting wild play, leaders are focused on creating the most enhanced and engaging programs possible.

Daily schedule:

Time Activity
2:00pm – 3:00pm Gratitude Circle, Snack and free play
3:00pm – 4:30pm Programmed activity (including Movement Storytelling, Performing Arts, Nature Based Play outdoors, Dramatic Storytelling, Arts, Music, Dance, Field Trips)
4:30pm – 5:30pm Free Play until pick-up
Please Note:
  • You are required to pick up your children between 4:30pm and 5:30pm.
  • Transportation from Errington Elementary is available on a school bus (there is a fee and planning required).
  • If you require subsidy funding, please ask.
  • For 2016, we will NOT be open for Spring Break, but we ARE open for Pro-D Days, and Summer Care.
  • With healthy snacks, lots of time for physical activities, creative activities and free play, we engage


Wild Craft Play After School Program Fees click here: Register here

*Payments for 3 days and more receive free coverage on Pro D Days.


Encouraging: self-awareness, other-awareness & nature awareness



 Jamie-choosestopjamie-nz-tramp-experienceJamie-strengthFate and the Old Man Jamie Black and Quinton and children at Buddhist Temple Happy Festival Oct 3 2015