Travelling Trade Post


Travelling Trade Post

A vessel where children of all ages can play the day away

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Come find us at the Errington Farmer’s Market on Saturdays

between 10:00am and 1:00pm

Errington Farmers

It is a creative way to spend the day in one of the most enjoyable atmospheres.  The Errington Farmer’s Market has a good old community feel that encourages friends and family to come, buy locally grown produce, gifts and lotions.

Opened June 4th! And we had a hoot!


What is the Travelling Trade Post you ask?

When you arrive, you will find a Snailbox.  A good old fashion mailbox with a scroll or two inside.

First find the scroll with the white sparkly string.

Then you will get a hang of what us crazy characters are doing

Make wares to buy sell and trade

Build your character, go on quests, and truly play

Become your creation and sew up the seams

Bring your imagination, craft your wildest dreams

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Wouldn’t it be lovely to spend your day under the shade of a trees crafting your wildest dreams? Come join us for fun, foolishness, and friendship.

Hire Us for this Wild Craft Play at your venue

Children go on quests, find treasures, build a character, buy sell and trade their wares.  This is the attraction of a videogame with the benefits of real-life interaction, hands-on skill practice, communication, collaboration and coordination.  It is an addictive game. Be fore-warned… some children won’t want to leave!