Wild Craft Play – THE GAME!

WARNING – you might have so much fun, you will NEVER quit!

Unleash the world of Wild Craft Play where children dive into an economy of barter, trade, hand-crafting, entrepreneurship, community, connection, all within the context of nature. (This is an indoor and outdoor program)

Fall 2018 Programming

available so far…

  1. Thursday and Friday mornings with Nanaimo Forest Kids – ages 3-5

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for adventures with ages 3-5. Wild Craft Play ‘sCool has partnered with Nanaimo Forest Kids to offer adventures in Linly Valley, and we can’t wait to see you in September!



2. Thursdays after school – Archery & Sword Play – ages 8-12ish

In the spring of 2018, the City of Nanaimo partnered with Wild Craft Play ‘sCool to offer an epic adventure of Archery and Sword Play. We had so much fun honing our skills like warriors, with a tournament and special guests who enhanced our game!  Are you looking for adventures like this in the fall of 2018?

At Wild Craft Play ‘sCool Outdoor Adventures include (yet are not limited to):
  • Guided Discovery Learning: The Wild Craft Play Game, Forest Bathing (in forests and by bodies of water), Hiking, Archery, Questing and Wilderness Survival Skills is all facilitated through a Guided Discovery Learning approach that has been practiced and proven to engage children for over 18 years.  Following the practices of John Dewey and Jerome Bruner (early 1900 philosophers), Jamie Black calls it The Hummingbird Approach.
  • Experiential Learning: relying on group cohesion, we dive into experiential activities that can be as simple as a time in a forested area, to more adventurous activities as Mountain Biking, Caving, Kayaking, Trekking, Indoor Rock Climbing, Cross Country Skiing, Snow-Showing and Snow shelter building, Adventure Questing and beyond.
  • Connecting with Nature: is an integral teaching tool within all of our programs through Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature by John Young, following the 8 shields model at www.8shields.com
  • All programs involve outdoor adventures, it is just a matter of what the group can handle.
  • Creative Storytelling: whether it be poetic rhyme, story crafting, storytelling, appreciative inquiry or simply saying “I don’t know, good question” storytelling is an art form that weaves the fabric of the experience together and sews up the loose ends, creating a masterpiece.

Are you an Adult who wants to learn how to lead this game?

Last Year’s Training… new poster coming soon

Training for Adults:
Training for Teachers, Parents and Program Leaders
Hire our facilitator to come to your community and offer training on any of the following concepts (please inquire for more details)
“I am hooked, and look forward to seeing how to incorporate this into my class.” ~ Annette Nobles, principal of Departure Bay Eco Elementary School

Nature Connection
Get Out Adventure Questing
Wild Craft Play the Game
Wilderness Survival Scenarios
Program development in more risking outdoor adventures such as Archery, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, rock climbing
Risk Management and Group Dynamic Management

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