SoLe Adventure

One-on-One Adventures in Nature, for youth with Autism

SoLe Adventure have been offering one-one-one and small group gatherings for youth between ages 8 and 17, since 2012. Each youth with Autism is unique, and we generate great adventures in Nature that caters to the interest and ability of each person. From basic walks in the wood, to story-filled crafty adventures, to more extreme outdoor sports such as skiing, kayaking, climbing, caving, mountain biking. We are dedicated to generating more opportunities to get youth outside. See if your child wants to get outside. We have plenty of Nature near you.

Rather than focusing on Behavior Intervention, think of our service as Adventure NON-Intervention. We go on adventures and focus on what is working, then find ways to build skills and techniques around the things that drive your youth, so that they can find their niche in the world. Through these adventures, you may find that you have a knack for the performing arts, or hand-crafting, or storytelling, or creative -design.

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Jamie Black’s experience with Autism

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