Drawn by Nature for youth

When do youth get to follow their intuition with a group of friends, with no parents around, to do ridiculous, fun things, guided by a friendly mentor?


Drawn by Nature is a program created because there seems to be a need to support youth to get outside in a safe and fun way, with the support of a friendly adult who has skills that can take the to their edge, ignite interest and develop life skills.

Drawn by Nature is best suited to teens who are either home-schooled or prefer not to be in school full time.  All mentors are trained in working with youth with varying abilities and can offer emotional, social and moral support.

This youth-lead experience was crafted based on the interest and feedback of children since 2015. Staff have worked with youth for years and have the social knack to relate, support and guide youth into a place of the unknown. Following the 8 shields model, and acting like a bit of a coyote, the mentor facilitates a guided discovery of self, others and the Earth by asking questions and providing just enough tools and support to overcome fears and conflicts.

Here is a product of one of the Drawn by Nature programs held in Coombs, BC.


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