Hello Adventurers!bikes at Wild Craft Play

It has been a real pleasure and a privilege to join Arrowsmith Independent School and offer Outdoor Adventure.  The Survival program went really well, and I am inspired to continue a connection with all of you through an after school program of some sort.  There are aspects to this kind of program that need to be discussed.

First Meeting Date: Thursday, October 27th

Time: 3:10pm until 4:30pm

@ Arrowsmith Independent Pre-School

Join me to discuss some important topics, so that our children can grow up in our community with a deep connection to nature and a good lay of the land!

 1. Do we want a program where the children learn something OR do you want a club, where we gather and go on adventures? (This will determine the amount of prep work required for each session by me or other facilitators)

Things that I am prepared to teach: wilderness survival, mountain biking, canoeing, caving, rock climbing, kayaking, orienteering, questing, trip planning, fishing, archery, clam/oyster picking, foraging, camp life, over-night camping

 ***Please note: if you want me to teach, I will provide a budget of approx $20/hr including prep time.  (I am also happy to just join along as a club member!)

2. Legal stuff: we would need to form a club and generate liability coverage.  I am willing to be an administrator for the club if requested, and am happy if someone else wants to take this on.

3. Fundraising: in order to have grand adventures we need to cover gas, rentals, food, gear, insurance etc.

4. Environmental Stewardship: One keen interest I have is helping children take care of the earth.  I would like to include the children in my own venture to host a production in June 2017.  This will be a fundraiser AND awareness raiser for this club.

5. Numbers: how many people do we want in this club?  Do we want to keep it small, or spread the word. if so, how do we want to market this club?

6. Club Name: Any thoughts?

7. Regular meeting space: what are our options?

8. Transportation: do we all drive our own cars? Do we want access to a bus?