Nature-Based Leader Ship Network!

1st Workshop: Saturday, January 28th from 11am – 3pm

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  • Let’s take a moment to share who we are, what we have and what we need, then Jamie Black will share her story as a Nature-Based Leader & some of her findings with her research.

  • Nature Awareness as a Leader – explore tricks and tools from the Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature – written by Jon Young et al (2010)

  • Let them climb trees!  A conversation about Perceived Risk vs Actual Risk, Insurance & Licensing – What do we need? What are we missing?

  • Take a look at our Community Map. Let’s finalize what we need for a functional and efficient network, what are the next steps?

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8 SESSION COURSE FOR ADULTS (and older teens)

at the Errington Hall & Park

(Next training dates TBD)

Deeply explore the wild outdoors, to craft YOUR inner wild!

Become a child, and live, for a while, with a poetic, imaginative smile.

Then look within, and begin to imagine, how you might influence another

And join this small group of mentors/explorers to craft a greater adventure for others!

  • Guiding children safely in Nature

  • Exploring ways to better engage children

  • Role modeling and gaining experience child minding as a character in a game

This course is suitable both for beginners (with average fitness), as well as for people who have already studied these skills with us or others, and want to delve more deeply, to practice the role as a mentor, engaging children in nature and theatrical play, in community.


Guided Discovery, Coyote Mentoring, 8 Shields Leadership Model, Peace Maker Principles, Holistic Leadership, Wilderness Survival, Nature Based Programming, Storylining & Basics of Production.

The course is led by Jamie Black, a Master in Adventure.  Learn life skills in nature with community, and give yourself one of the greatest gifts that will nurture you and your community for years to come.

Sample Schedule

January 9.

January 23.

February 6.

March 5.

April 2.

April 16.

April 30.

May 28.


Shelter Building: Learn how to build a shelter that will keep you warm and dry in the harsh weather

Observing: Inner and Group Awareness, Group Dynamic Management

Role Playing: Wilderness Survival

Role Modeling: The Art of Questioning – Coyote Mentoring

Exploring: Elixirs, Crafts and Creations, leading by example

Storytelling: Celtic Storyline and Wild Craft Playing

Choosing: Map the wealth in the community and come to know our clan

Production & the importance of Debriefing: Bringing it all together, integration, the Way of Council, and the Medicine of Community

Hourly breakdown per session:

1 hour of set up, description of roles, and planning discussion

3 hours of play with the Wild Craft Play Group at the Errington Hall/Park

2 hours to debrief and plan for the next session

COST: 6 hours a day for 8 Saturdays

EARLYBIRD rate: $395 Or: $450
Space is limited! Register now! Payments can be made by cash/cheque/pay-pal/e-transfer

To register, please fill out this the following forms:



Thank you for providing payment at least one week before start date. Be sure to take this document to your local RCMP to request a Criminal Record Check, and confirming attendance by January 4th, 2016.

We look forward to having you join the adventure!


contact Jamie Black at   |   or call 250-927-7923