Life Lessons from a Nature Based Leader

Past Workshop ~ February 14 2012 at the BC Alternative Education Conference in Vancouver

In 2012 Jamie Black gave a presentation at the Alternative Education Conference called “Life Lessons of a Nature Based Leader”
Teachers from across BC attended and discussed the pros and cons of Outdoor Education in the school system, we explored what Guided Discovery is, and were inspired to enhance our leadership skills by networking with each other.  Teachings from Richard Louv and Ceren Caner’s research was shared, offering a strong spring board to launch a discussion of “what next.” Members were left with resources, activities and a new network of nature-based leaders.

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Rave Reviews!

The reviews were excellent and I was invited back. This was the first year of providing a presentation.  12 people registered and attended the presentation, 8 people took the time to provide a review. Those 8 reviews where about Content and Style rated from 1 to 5 (1 being least, and 5 being the best): 2 people gave a 4/5 in Content; 5 people gave a 5/5 in Content; and 1 gave a 5+ in Content; 2 people gave a 4/5 in Style; 5 people gave a 5/5 in style; 1 gave a 5+ in Style.

Here is what they said:

“Thanks Jamie – for involving us all in your workshop”

“Enthusiastic and Mind Changing – Hope it makes a shift”

“We need more networking, education and awareness of Outdoor Education.”

“Jamie was a tremendous presenter – very skilled and engaging… LOVED IT!!!”

“Excellent presentation!  The content is so applicable to alternative education.  The presenter was very dynamic & engaging.  This session should be brought back.”

“Jamie has a lot of energy and is dynamic. Very useful.”

“Thanks Jamie!”

“Phenomenal! Jamie is wonderful!!!”