Hire Us… the Travelling Minstrels!
Fate and the Old Man Jamie Black and Quinton and children at Buddhist Temple Happy Festival Oct 3 2015

Hear ye Hear ye!

Hire us through Wild Craft Play
and spend a part of your great full day,
On an adventure of the curious kind
That will tickle your senses and play with your mind.

We are weary travelers, so make haste
Book now, as not to waste
This chance to captivate your inner child
Seeking that treasure of the wild.


You can hire us for your special events,

festivals and open spaces (indoor and outdoor)

OPTION A: 1 hour entourage of Travelling Minstrels

10562457_10152586010310692_4302967807204011530_oIncludes highly skilled stilt experts dressed to tickle your fancy

Prices start at $350 for 1 stilter – more stilters requires an additional fee.

You Receive:

  • Theatrical Characters with engaging crowd interaction and play
  • posing for photographs and high fives
  • Playful, creative and fun for the whole family

Creative Role Play in Nature at Wild Craft Play   11251056_10153433406185692_204640823930353818_n



OPTION B: 4 hour creative station of Sacred Story Seekers

(add travelling minstrels for extra effect)


Includes Travelling Trade Post, Character Costumes, Props, Quests, Storytelling and Keepsakes.

Prices start at $1000 – vary depending on request

  • Original Poetic Storytelling, Props and Theatrical Role-Play
  • A Treasure Hunt & Knighting with the sacred Sword of Health and Good Fortune

20150711_144337   20150822_122728


OPTION C: An ALL DAY (up to 8 hours) Adventure filled with Magic and Wonder

20150711_144337   20150822_112021   Travelling Trade Post for sale   Chidlren on Community Quest Wild Craft Play

Includes Character Creation, Sacred Market Place, Craft Shop, Tools, Mentors, Travelling Trade Post, Props, Quests, Clan Creation, Sword Fights, Archery Range, Guild Creation, Keepsakes and an epic game of Capture the Flag

Prices start at $2500 – vary depending on request

  • An entourage of keen characters with props, supplies, tents, attractions, creative crafting spaces, Travelling Trade Post, treasure, tools and more.
  • A day like this requires more preparation prior to, and extra time to tear down after the event is over. If you are seeking interaction with other vendors (which helps the game be more realistic and engaging), we require time to engage with, barter and make trade with vendors to develop quests that teach children the skills required to thrive in your economy.

Children in Wild Craft Play research at Parksville Library Travelling Trade Post gold 20151101_110523

For ALL Adventures we require:

  • at least 4 weeks notice
  • a 30 minute consultation on-site, 2 weeks prior to the event
  • full payment at least 2 weeks prior to the adventure
  • For high profile and attraction we recommend at least 6 weeks of promotional opportunity and can cross pollinate in online and social media efforts.
  • We can also provide photos and a bio for your on-site printed documents
  • Minimum 3 children up to any number of children of all ages (pre-event planning required)

Call for a quote for this grand adventure
All profits sponsor Wild Craft Play Adventures

Brought to you by ‪SoLeAdventure and by our sponsors Nature’s Wisdom Organics and Arrowsmith Independent School.

For more information: Jamie@wildcraftplay.com or call 250-927-7923


What to expect when we arrive…

  • We arrive at least 45 minutes before start time (depending on your request) to get into costume and look forward to onsite promotion.
  • The earlier you book us, the more promotional materials we can offer to enhance your event.
  • Type of Setting: For stilting we require semi-even ground that can withstand a 2″ x 2″ post bearing weights of up to 185 lbs. It can be cement, hard gravel, grass, dirt or floor. We are able to stilt in the rain, yet slippery grass or water on floors can be dangerous.
  • We require a rider on your insurance coverage or event license in partnership with Vesta Entertainment and SoLe Adventures.

Here is a short video of what Fate and the Old Man have in store…