Wild Craft Play can enhance your experience.

Whether it is adding to your experience, or creating a whole new opportunity

Wild Craft Play September 2016 2


Collaboration and Compassion

in children ages 8 – 15

We are now available to enhance your experience, starting as early as September, 2016.  If you are a Home-School Group, Un-School Group, Private School, Public School or Other School, we are here to bring imaginative role-play alive for you. We are open to bringing you to our neck of the woods (The Errington Hall & Community Park) OR we can com to you.


  1. Initial Consultation and evaluation of assets

    • nature space, facilities, groups, resources, access, leaders, children, overall mission
  2. Proposal of what is possible

    • day programs Monday to Friday between 1.5 and 4 hour blocks until 1pm
  3. We would need to confirm

    • budget, transportation strategy, insurance (currently insured through Coastal Community Insurance), risk management strategy, required resources, leadership strategy and interest with families (especially the children)
  4. Schedule Start Date & Time

    • We require at least one month’s notice, partial payment, and enrollment numbers to allow for adequate preparation time.

Activities may include:

Role-Play style Character Development

Develop awareness of self and others by crafting your inner character, buy items from the Travelling Trade Post, learn to sew, glue, cut, paste, design.  Make a journal and a pouch, truly come to know your true character through crafting with others.

Travelling Trade Post and the Sacred Market Place

Imagine a merchant arrives with items for sale, the items are all sorts of different things with fantastical names like “Metalic Skin” (for duct tape), and “Dragon’s breath” (for colored tissue paper).  Use your gold that you have found on a quest to craft your wares.  Children develop skills in Leadership, Teamwork, How to ask for what you need, and set boundaries, to have compassion and practice inter-personal skills and much more.

Role Play Simulations in Survival, Entrepreneurship, Community Giving, Worldly Connections

Develop valuable life-skills for real-life situations through role-play simulations, generated by the children. Explore what works and what doesn’t work, what is available, and what truly generates a spark in the imagination of the children, and follow that inspiration.

Adventure Questing (similar to Orienteering, but way more fun!)

Develop map and compass skills, leadership and group decision making strategies, safety and awareness in nature, and the thrill of adventure in urban and rural settings

Other Activity options always including a Wild Craft Play twist (all based on availability):

Performing Arts – in collaboration with Vesta Entertainment = Circus skill development in: hoola hoop, poi, juggling, prop manipulation, stilting, storytelling, choreography and performance

Bicycle Riding – park and trail riding


As early as September, 2016

We are available to 00-WildCraftPlay-Logo-Large

We re-generate children through role-play simulations of real-life situations.

@ the Errington Hall (1390 Errington Rd)

OR in your neck of the woods

Check us out online:



Send us an email: info@wildcraftplay.com

Call: 250-927-7923

Fostering a deeper connection to self, others and the environment through creative role-play in nature.

Way more stimulating than a videogame!