Tell us your vision for your children

Welcome to the first post for Wild Craft Play.  Thank you for taking the time to read and follow us!

We would like to know your vision for your children.

I have been studying children in play for over 15 years, and now, as I finish my Masters Thesis in Adventure, I have just come across a Ted Talk from the Search Institute about Child Passions.  Take a look at this 20 minute video, then I would love to hear what the spark is your children.

I work with children because of their sparkle in their eyes. And I have made it my duty to inspire and be inspired by those children.  Wild Craft Play is created to cultivate the spark and passion within children.  For now we are based in Errington, and we see this program being offered around the world.

So tell me, what is the spark in your child?  Then share this with a friend and ask them to post too.  Let’s see what our community thinks.  Thanks for sharing!