Jamie Black – Founder of Wild Craft Play ‘sCool

Jamie Black (aka: Hummingbird)

Jamie Black, also known as Hummingbird, welcomes you to the world of Wild Craft Play ‘sCool.

Over the years Jamie Black has taken great pride in collaborating with organizations, businesses and community members to develop an Ecologically Sensitive Social-Enterprise. Jamie has been providing quality services for children, youth and leaders in a variety of outdoor and adventure-based educational and performing arts experiences since 2004. The Game of Wild Craft Play was born in early 2008, launching two, week-long spring break programs in the Arrowsmith region. Thanks to support from Jim Powell and a government grant, Wild Craft Play, The Game, was born with a 110% success, and a craving to be, do and create more. The whole concept of child engaging play has grown since 2008 through direct study, constant feedback, and community collaboration. Jamie extends her gratitude for the community support that encouraged Wild Craft Play to become a school in 2017.

Within her programs, Jamie shares her skills from past experiences in competitive sailing and rock-climbing training programs to “Fun Facilitating” with youth-at-risk to “outside the box” youth and young adult programs. Jamie focuses on leadership, team building, and many types of self-awareness skills, using a unique facilitation technique she calls The Hummingbird Approach.

Through her journey of graduating her Masters of Adventure (aka: Arts in Environmental Education and Communication)…

Jamie is being called connect children with the Earth, and with healthy food.

With her Eco-Social-Enterprise, Jamie engages people and organizations who are seeking education and support for children, to level up and re-generate through creative play in nature.

While sharing her passion with children, youth and leaders, Jamie also writes, produces and generates community connection through outdoor exploration, nature-based play, theatrical performance, art, music, dancing and healthy food. Now can you see why she is called Hummingbird?

Somewhere along the way, Jamie developed an internal drive to make a difference in the world, and has not looked back. When you engage with Wild Craft Play ‘sCool, you are joining a movement to make a difference with children, and the Earth.

Statement from Jamie Black
I have used nature and play as a medium to inspire body, mind and soul awareness since 2004. Now SoLe Adventure is turning into my Behavior Intervention arm with youth with Autism.  As Co-conspirator with Nature, I am building adventures that can positively impact the lives of all children.

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SoLe Adventure’s desire is to build a positive and wholesome relationship with fellow leaders, teachers, and community members to make a sustainable and memorable experience that leads to a larger network of opportunities and growth for influential play.

It is a privilege and pleasure to be in service, regenerating resilience the way that Nature intended.

– – –

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