Jamie Black of SoLe Adventure is the founder of Wild Craft Play. Making a difference in the world through Wildly Crafted Play.


profileSharing her life lessons through stories, offering Tricks, Tips and Tools to facilitate quality nature-based activities, and engaging programs for children; Jamie Black hopes to engage leaders to inspire young people to find passion in their community and focus in their lives through adventurous play.

You could say her coaching path began as a youth.  Throughout grade school Jamie experienced what most adolescents do, the discovery of her own qualities (positive and negative), developing habits, making mistakes (and learning from them), overcoming the challenges of peer pressure, with exposure to positive and negative experiences. Naturally Jamie stepped into the college realm, learning to look at life from a new perspective. She traveled on adventures, and began to learn by doing, and have fun with a purpose.

Jamie-chooseAfter her first diploma in Recreation and Sport Management, Jamie developed the personal and professional skills necessary to become a great coach. She began a certificate in Sport Science and Coaching at Douglas College where she found her inner strength to inspire youth in developing their life-skills using a “head, hands and heart” approach.

BOULDER-BLAST-2“You can’t show them what you know, until you show them that you care.” Shortly after this in 2004, her business SoLe Adventure was born.  “Using nature as a medium to inspire body, mind and soul awareness.”

In 2003, with persistence and dedication, Jamie took her studies and advanced leadership knowledge to New Zealand. This left a profound impact on her life – surviving the unknown on her own for 6 months.

In New Zealand Jamie found sail boats to crew on, new friends to rock climb and kayak with and a welcoming country to explore! From hiking the volcanic peaks of the Tongariro Crossing, to paddling the surf in Nelson, Jamie ventured across the country on road trips and in tour buses on a quest for what turns out to be a life of questing.

SONZ62-Spirit-of-NZThe most moving experience of all was Jamie’s voyage on the Spirit of Adventure, a tall ship dedicated to youth life-skill development. Initially, Jamie wasn’t sure why she volunteered herself to live with a group of youth for 10 days in a foreign country, worst of all without bathing facilities onboard. Within the first few hours she came to realize why she was there. It was because Jamie CHOSE to learn about herself that she developed problem solving and teamwork skills. Then she was able to develop her own coaching style, that she calls Guided Discovery.

In her second diploma, Jamie learned some coaching theories “decision training, problem based learning and guided discovery”. Thanks to these theories she was able to apply it to the situation at hand and hone her style of coaching.

Jamie-nz-glacier-developAlong with many other life-altering experiences over the years, a passion was created within Jamie – a passion to be inspired and to inspire other leaders.  Now, Jamie has amplified her life, and is developing manuals and training systems to teach leaders and teachers some of the skills that she has gained over the past 15 years as an outdoor guide.  She is watching a decline in the interest of nature and an increase in the playing of videogames.  Her Masters Thesis is investigating:


Jamie-strengthJamie has dedicated her life to offering outdoor adventure programming to children, youth and families, and children with autism in the Central Vancouver Island region that inspires, engages and empowers youth through head, hands and heart.  In the act of showing that she cares, Jamie will guide you through an experience to feed you the essence of what she knows, and inspire you to be the ripple of change in young people’s lives.

Today, Jamie is living Errington. She is in her 2nd year of her Masters of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication.  As she ventures around this beautiful Archipelago of the Salish Sea she invites you to join in this wonderful journey to be the change she wishes to see in the world.



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